Bananas 🍌

I was off on Monday this week so it was nice to take the kids to see Santa at Dobbies garden centre in Milngavie. Last year we took our eldest on her own and she absolutely cried her eyes out. I think having some muscle with her in the form of her 10 month old sister really made all the difference this year. Santa was great with them actually, I’ve a lot of respect for the guy. Mila’s nursery school asked if I wanted to put a Santa shift in for a couple of hours last week, my initial reaction was Ho Ho No chance but then I was actually starting to contemplate it. I was relieved though when someone else beat me to the job. Maybe next year. 😏

Will hand in my CV for an associate position next year Santa.

Our new premises is coming on well at the moment, went out to see it midweek and we made the decision to sacrifice the upstairs shower in the staff toilet so we can make the staff room much bigger. We’re going to use it for staff training events, and most of our free consultations with our head nurse Danielle will be up there too. I was looking forward to cycling to work and making use of the shower before starting but the more I thought about it (I’ve been on my bike twice in the past 4 years) a bigger staff room will be much more useful and utilised by all. It’s been exciting planning the decorating but if anyones been following the news this week it seems you can just duct tape a banana to the walls as ‘artwork’ and it’s worth $120,000 apparently! 😳

On the staff training front our dentist Kamal and I went to Manchester for a composite bonding course (smile makeovers without cutting/damaging teeth) yesterday. It was a 4.30am alarm to be in Manchester for 9. Long day but it was good fun and these things always have a great free lunch. By free I mean we paid a bomb to be there so we certainly made sure we got our Β£’s worth!

Further training has always been really important for all our staff and this year that commitment has taken me to Manchester 5 times, Edinburgh x 2, London x 3, Zurich and a few different locations in Glasgow too. Believe it or not we still have space for one more staff training event for all the staff before the year is out, next Monday the 16th. We’re having it in our kitchen at home so ill need to check with my accountant if I can claim anything in the way of travel expenses for getting downstairs. 😝

Looking forward to next Thursday to seeing what happens with the election. What a mess politics has been in for the past few years. I’m hoping whoever ends up in charge doesn’t put up the price of bananas or duct tape.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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