Christmas Time πŸŽ„

Feeling slightly rough today after an annual Christmas jumper pub crawl yesterday with some friends. We ended up at the Corinthian with our own private karaoke room – some truly awful performances were put in. American pie or teenage dirtbag are my two favourite karaoke tunes. I remember once singing teenage dirtbag while on holiday and in my head at the time it was one of then best performances ever seen, packed crowd going absolutely wild. I’ve since seen a video of it back though and there’s probably about 5 people there including me and my voice sounds absolutely horrific. Didn’t stop me ‘crowd’ surfing at the end though. None of that last night sadly.

We’ve had a very busy week just passed at work starting off with some staff training on Monday. I went a bit mad on the sandwiches and pastries from Costco – got 60 just incase. To be fair they were all eaten by the end of the week.

On Wednesday my oldest daughter Mila (3) had her nativity play – she was playing the part of Mary. I was buzzing as I thought it was the lead role and possibly the start of a successful acting career but it was a humble no words part. Mila had her own idea about the non words role though and belted out ‘HIYA MUMMY HIYA DADDY’ mid scene. πŸ˜‚

We’re still opened tomorrow and Tuesday until lunch time then Raashi, the kids, dog and I are all going back to Ireland on the boat. Im looking forward to some home cooking, sofa slouching & chocolate for breakfast for a week and then I’m coming back to the same new years resolutions that I didn’t meet from last year. Im determined that a fresh start is going to work this time! 🀞🏼

It’s been a great year this year for TWDC as we’ve raised a lot of money (Β£>2.5k) for marie curie, won ‘Best Practice and Best Team UK’ at the UK dentistry awards & secured our new premises to move in to in 2020.

Next year is set to be an even better one and I look forward to welcoming you all to 1360 Springburn Road in March/April.

Have a lovely Christmas and New year everyone and ill see you in 2020!


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

1 thought on “Christmas Time πŸŽ„”

  1. Have as fantastic Christmas in Ireland merry Christmas to you Rashi and your gorgeous girls and all the very best in the new year xxxx


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