Movember 🥸

Not long back in from our daughter Mila’s 5th birthday party this morning. We arranged for it to be in a nearby bar that has an upstairs nightclub/private function area. There were 28 kids in there all dancing & going absolutely wild with a few even sleeping in the booths at the side. It probably wasn’t too dissimilar from what went on the night before when the adults were in.

The kids chicken nuggets that were on the go were absolutely unreal so I made sure to clean up as best I could at the end. “All those plates were empty the kids must have been hungry 😋” . Thankfully Mila absolutely loved it too and is now napping on the sofa all danced out.

I’d go for a wee nap myself only we have to continue packing our house up for moving out in 2 weeks time. Explaining the move to our kids wasn’t easy at first actually. Their initial reaction was to cry as they thought that all our stuff, (their toys & beds etc) got left behind with the house. When we explained that all our stuff comes with us they thought we were physically lifting our house from the foundations and moving it elsewhere with everything inside. To be honest, with the amount of things we have this actually might have been easier!

Before the mayhem really begins Raashi and I were lucky enough to spend a night away at Glenapp Castle in Ballantrae last week:

This was courtesy of Raashi’s mum for my birthday last year, and we just got round to using it. It was a great wee spot with a delicious 6 course dinner and a better yet a lie in. For anyone out there without kids – never underestimate your lie in on a Sunday!

I wanted to wait until after Mila’s party to shave all my facial hair and leave the moustache so I’m sure Raashi will be delighted that’s the look I’m now going for for the rest of the month. Our community fund of £100 will be donated to men’s health charities this month for ‘Movember’ so apologies in advance for my Freddie Mercury effort. My younger brother Jordan says of moustache’s “they’re coming back into fashion”. Mine will be a pretty pathetic one so I’m not sure he will be impressed with my efforts for the moustache fashion industry.

If any of our patients have any good ones on the go at the moment please tag us as we’d love to see it! 🥸

‘Must dash’ now …

Have a good week all,


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