Making an impact


Thats me just after my second of 2 fillings with Laura over the past 2 weeks. Clearly still quite numb in that photo. 1 on each side and both have been absolutely great! Laura did show me a photograph of my tooth underneath my old filling just after the procedure. This was bad news as there was a box of Thorntons waiting in the staff room at the time, kindly left by one of our patients. I was too scared to have one afterwards. (This is a lie I had at least 4.)

The amount of decay was surprising though and I never had any pain beforehand either. This is the perfect example of why as dentists, we take x-rays every so often. If that had been left any longer I would have had one more Thorntons and 1 less tooth! Thanks again to Laura and Gemma for sorting me out. 

We had quite a busy week at work this week and were also finalising our next charity event to help raise funds for our chosen charity Marie Curie, in Balornock. We’re planning a sponsored kilt walk from Milngavie to Balmaha on the 14th September, which according to google, will likely take 5-6 hours. People who have actually done it though tell us it will take at least 7-8 hours, and as we aren’t seasoned walkers might even be too ambitious a task.

Personally, I never really walk anywhere. At work its waiting room and back to the surgery and at home its fridge to sofa. Thats it. I think it will be really tough but do-able. We’ll bring a few sweets to keep us going and Laura will be there incase I need any more fillings along the way anyway.

For training I put in a lot of walking yesterday at my first game of football in 3 years, bailing out my old team at the last minute as they were short in numbers. I came off the bench at half time with the scores at 1-1, advised by the manager to go on and make an impact on the game.

We lost 5-1.

Now no-one can say I never made an impact! I think i’ll slide back into retirement on that front though.


For the charity walk i’m trying to enlist someone who has done it before to guide us, but if any of our patients have done it and care to share any tips/reassurance/warnings please do!

We’ll post some details soon about how to sponsor us and obviously any donations or support would be greatly appreciated!



Have a good week everyone,







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