Bananas 🍌

I was off on Monday this week so it was nice to take the kids to see Santa at Dobbies garden centre in Milngavie. Last year we took our eldest on her own and she absolutely cried her eyes out. I think having some muscle with her in the form of her 10 month old sister really made all the difference this year. Santa was great with them actually, I’ve a lot of respect for the guy. Mila’s nursery school asked if I wanted to put a Santa shift in for a couple of hours last week, my initial reaction was Ho Ho No chance but then I was actually starting to contemplate it. I was relieved though when someone else beat me to the job. Maybe next year. 😏

Will hand in my CV for an associate position next year Santa.

Our new premises is coming on well at the moment, went out to see it midweek and we made the decision to sacrifice the upstairs shower in the staff toilet so we can make the staff room much bigger. We’re going to use it for staff training events, and most of our free consultations with our head nurse Danielle will be up there too. I was looking forward to cycling to work and making use of the shower before starting but the more I thought about it (I’ve been on my bike twice in the past 4 years) a bigger staff room will be much more useful and utilised by all. It’s been exciting planning the decorating but if anyones been following the news this week it seems you can just duct tape a banana to the walls as ‘artwork’ and it’s worth $120,000 apparently! 😳

On the staff training front our dentist Kamal and I went to Manchester for a composite bonding course (smile makeovers without cutting/damaging teeth) yesterday. It was a 4.30am alarm to be in Manchester for 9. Long day but it was good fun and these things always have a great free lunch. By free I mean we paid a bomb to be there so we certainly made sure we got our Β£’s worth!

Further training has always been really important for all our staff and this year that commitment has taken me to Manchester 5 times, Edinburgh x 2, London x 3, Zurich and a few different locations in Glasgow too. Believe it or not we still have space for one more staff training event for all the staff before the year is out, next Monday the 16th. We’re having it in our kitchen at home so ill need to check with my accountant if I can claim anything in the way of travel expenses for getting downstairs. 😝

Looking forward to next Thursday to seeing what happens with the election. What a mess politics has been in for the past few years. I’m hoping whoever ends up in charge doesn’t put up the price of bananas or duct tape.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

ZurichπŸ• πŸ• πŸ•

Had quite a busy week just passed starting with the new Frozen 2 last weekend. It’s actually really good – I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! It dawned on me when at one point our youngest daughter Sienna was starting to cry a bit and Raashi asked if I wanted to take her outside and I remember thinking “..and miss Frozen are you serious?!” ☹️😳

We then went to a 4 year olds birthday party at a soft play – one of our daughters wee friends. Queen Elsa actually made an appearance which was nice of her. It’s a different type of weekend partying for Raashi and I these days, one where you find out your unicorn name, That’s Princess Silver Moon for me by the way.

I was only working for a couple of days then was off to Zurich on a dental implant course for from Wed – Sat. I went with two of my friends Jamie and Andy. Not the cheapest place I’ve ever been, Β£200 for 3 pizzas and two bottles of wine on our first night! Understandably a good proportion of the rest of our meals were from McD’s.

The whole course was quite useful though as it was organised by the dental implant company that I use and it included a tour of the implant production site. It was good to see where they are actually made and the precision & quality control thats in place.

Quite a big group. Myself Jamie and Andy in the middle clearly not understanding the 3 fingered wave thing. (must be a Swiss thing – although maybe they were all taking the mick about how many pizzas we got for Β£200)
Working on our suturing skills
Myself and Jamie (left) showing off our certificates with the course organiser.

Big congrats to one of my younger brothers Nathan on his first professional boxing victory this week too, which we managed to watch while we were away. 1-0, hopefully he’ll overtake Flloyd Mayweather one day!

On the knockout front, the builders of our new premises seem to be doing pretty well. Next week we’ll show a video of how its coming on, totally unrecognisable at the minute!

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

#1 IN THE UK!!

So you may have noticed on our social media pages yesterday that we won at the UK dental awards on Friday night! Absolutely buzzing about it. We won Best Team and Best Practice in Scotland, then picked up the overall trophy for Best Team UK and Best Practice UK! 🐝

To make the shortlist for these awards we have to put forward all of our patient feedback, evidence of our best dental work and the differences we have made for our patients, as well as evidence of what our team does to improve patient care thats different from any other dental practice. There are hundreds if not thousands of entries from all over the UK and there were 60 who made it as finalists for best practice and 50 for best team. It was great to even make it as a finalist to be honest, we were delighted with that. But a panel of 22 judges decided we were the #1 best team and best practice in the whole of the UK! We have a saying in Belfast when something like that happens and it goes like this…


The Glasgow version of course has the traditional ‘YA DANCER!’ afterwards.

Raashi and I never made it to the event but Laura and Danielle went to Leicester to represent the whole team and looked like they had a great night and got lots of good photos:

Btw the singing dentist is definitely NOT Laura – I’ve seen her at karaoke.πŸ€­πŸ‘€

Really happy they had such a good night but I must admit I was a bit jealous. While they were having champagne and collecting trophies I was at home having malteasers and watching politics:

I do love malteasers but safe to say I think Danielle and Laura had the better night!

I do want to thank all our staff for the massive effort they put in – we’re very lucky to have such a great team at TWDC. Myself and Raashi have always known and really appreciated that – it’s so nice they now have the recognition not just from us but from colleagues across the UK too! Thank you so much to all of you!

It’s just as well we’re moving premises next year as we’re going to need more space for all our trophies now (and my big head of course ☺️)

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

The brakes are off..

Today our eldest daughter Mila turns 3. Amazing how fast thats gone in! We got her a little bike which we didn’t know had to be built on delivery. So last night I was up trying to sort that out and I only found the instruction sheet when I was already ‘finished’. In typical male fashion it might not have been looked at anyway to be fair. I’ll be back to the drawing board today though as the front brakes aren’t on right.

I’m convinced they were already on upside down and that it’s been set up wrong from the start but unfortunately past experience with ikea tells me otherwise. So many times I’ve been building something and came across a part that just doesn’t seem to fit right, i’ll try to force it in anyway, as you do, but then i’ll give up after establishing that the whole thing must be a dud and will need to be returned. Eventually it will dawn on me that in fact I’ve put something on back to front or inside out. Or alternatively the whole process can go smoothly and i’ll have it ‘built’ easy peasy, but there’ll be a spare shelf or an important looking bolt still lying around at the end.

So i’m not blaming the bicycle company just yet until I read those instructions properly – and next time i’ll be buying the display model.πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Thankfully Mila cleaned up on the pre built toys bought by family and friends. We’ve got Woody and Slinky from Toy Story, and she’s also running around in a full Elsa from Frozen outfit, crown and all. Co-incidentally it is absolutely baltic outside but if I can fix those brakes we’ll be out on the bike later, the cold has never bothered her anyway 😏

Happy 3rd to Mila

The brakes are also off with our new premises project as building works officially start tomorrow – looking forward to seeing how it all develops. Our nurse Gemma is working on videos of the process so we can show you all the difference so watch this space.

Have a good week everyone,


Tiwari Watson Dental Care

Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Darts! Darts! Darts!

I was off work on Monday this week and Raashi was working in Edinburgh (she’s been doing IV sedation for another dental practice now and again), so I took the girls to the transport museum for something to do. The plan was to go swimming but our youngest daughter Sienna had a bit of a bad cold so that was ruled out. Plus it takes way too long to change two kids after swimming when your by yourself anyway, especially now that Sienna has realised she can crawl and kick away during the nappy change! What a nightmare that is when your trying to wipe poo off her back and she’s trying to escape btw.

When our 3rd arrives I’d say swimming will be limited to the bath until everyone can change themselves.

The transport museum was really good though. Sienna can only say 1 word ‘Hiya’ so she spent most of the time shouting that to people and Mila was pretending to drive old trams, subways, trains and even petting very real looking horses. Good food and great parking too. Best of all it was free in! Highly recommend – p.s. Not on commission (not that I would be making much anyway)

The rest of the week was a busy one at work and we’re nearly finished the design for our new signage for the new premises. Im hoping for that to go into production soon so keep your eyes peeled along the main road for when it goes up! Here’s a sneak peek for now:

Final design tbc

This weekend we’ve came down to Northumberland to visit our friends Paul and Faith and their kids Alice and Rory, aswell as friends Rosa & Dave. It’s been nice to catch up and the kids have really enjoyed playing table tennis, trampolining and even playing darts together:

Myself, Paul (celebrating his winπŸ™„) & Dave.

Our daughters really enjoyed spending time together too. 😏

I picked the Australian darts in honour of my younger brother Nathan who has his first professional boxing fight in Melbourne at the end of the month. I hope he’s able to hit the target more efficiently than I did this weekend!

En route back to Glasgow now, girls have just fallen asleep. Fingers crossed that lasts so we don’t have to listen to Paw Patrol all the way back.🀞🏼

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Tiwari Watson Dental Care
G21 1UU

Celebrations πŸŽ‰

Been a lot of celebration this past week starting with my mums birthday party back in Belfast, the Indian Festival of Light (Diwali) last Sunday, Halloween, then on Friday the Scottish Dental Awards. It always nice to be back home and make the most of the free babysitting services. Can’t beat it. We took Mila to see the fireworks in Belfast on the Sunday, she loved it. Personally i’m a bit of a firework snob now though, as I went to Disney world about 10 years ago and saw the firework display there, it’s on a completely different level. Sorry Belfast Odyssey Arena but yours was ‘bang’ average in comparison. IMG_9137 For Halloween I took home loads of kids toothbrush and toothpaste packs home from work for the trick or treaters. The word must have got out though as we didn’t have a single visitor! We did have some emergency sweets too incase we ran out of toothpaste but it looks like Raashi and I will have to finish them off ourselves now. Bummer.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ Friday night was a great night at the Dentistry Scotland Awards in the Marriot hotel in Glasgow. Myself, Raashi, Gemma, Lauren and Sharon all went to represent. We won Best Team and picked up a highly commended for best charity/community project and best treatment of nervous patients. It was really nice to see our friends Pearse, Hazel and Jamie win awards this year too! We all made the most of the hoose red and white and there was even a conga train going at one point. Im still scarred from missing my train and getting a taxi home from Preston a couple of weeks ago though so I stayed well clear of that! IMG_6456 Looking forward to displaying our trophies and certificates in our new place – all set now for moving in early next year! Have a good week everyone, Joe Published by:
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