(re)location, (re)location, (re)location

I was back in Manchester this week for the second of three visits in as many weeks on dental courses. This one was from a dental business coach and focused on personal development and time management. I had to go down late on Tuesday night after work, arriving to the hotel around midnight. It would have been so much handier to go down the next morning but that meant I would have been 30 minutes late.  Our nurse Danielle thankfully pointed out the irony in that to me before I booked any trains. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The rest of the week was quite busy so it was nice to chill last night at home. Raashi and I watched a really good film called ‘Lion’, a true story about a boy from India who gets lost at the age of 4, is subsequently adopted and moves to New Zealand. 25 years later he manages to track down his family after 2 years of searching on google earth. Sorry I realise I’ve totally just spoiled that film for those who haven’t seen it yet ☺️

As most of you know by now we are doing a relocation for TWDC too. I can promise you a much easier and quicker google maps search for the new premises as it’s just across the road from where we are currently.

Here it is:

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 12.48.36.png

That house next door to the church will be the new Tiwari Watson Dental Care.

Work will start very soon and we ar hoping to be in by Feb or March 2020. We’ll also be leasing out our current premises around the same time. Ideally I’d love a Greggs to come in, or it would be great if McDonalds fancied relocating too as the idea of moving 100 yards further away is heartbreaking 💔

If anyone’s interested in the space please let us know!

Have a good week everyone,






Dentistry Scotland Awards 2019 Finalists

Spent Friday and Saturday this week in Manchester on a dental course. I went with our dentist Kamal, leaving on Friday morning on the 5.40am train. This meant a 4.45am alarm.😴 The course itself was very good to be fair, all about composite bonding and how as dentists we can improve our results with this. But you can imagine how we felt when we were still in a lecture at 7pm that evening!

Thankfully after this there was a nice dinner put on by the course organisers, and all the drinks were included (and much needed after the long day!)


Good view from the hotel too. ^ It was a fun night. 30 dentists who hadn’t met before, you can imagine the main topic of conversation that night though. You guessed it, teeth. I found myself talking to someone about different types of filling materials and although I tried desperately to change the subject a couple of times, we kept coming back to the polish-ability of this one over that one. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy my job but at 10pm on a Friday evening if your talking to a stranger about the structural properties of composite fillings – its time to go home at that point!

All that talk about said polish-ability did little to improve how rough everyone felt on Saturday morning too. Eventually I made it back home last night in time for a chippy  takeaway and to watch Goliath on Amazon prime. I also made the cardinal sin of watching some episodes without Raashi as she went to bed earlier though – so i’m going to go for a swim with the girls today while she catches up.

In other news we found out this week that Tiwari Watson Dental Care has been shortlisted at the Dentistry Scotland Awards 2019. We made it as finalists in 4 categories –

Best Team

Best treatment of nervous patients

Best charity/community project

Best patient care

The awards ceremony is on the 1st November. Its so good to make it as finalists and fingers crossed now we can go on and pick up a trophy!


Work will be commencing soon on our new premises too, Ill show some photographs of it next week, really excited about the whole project and cant wait for all our patients to see it.


Have a good week everyone,















Powering through

Arrived back to Ireland late on Friday night after getting the boat across from Cairnryan. Raashi and I swiftly ditched the kids with my parents on Saturday morning and headed down to their caravan in County Down. We brought our dog Fergie as he absolutely loves the beach and doesn’t cry or need nappies changed.

We needed a quick stop along the way to see George in Asda as I forgot to pack enough clothes though. Two mens t-shirts for £5 btw. I’ve now got one for every day of the week.

We took Fergie for a long walk along the beach last night and came back to finish off Power on Netflix. We managed to ‘power’ through 7 hour long episodes, two bags of mint aero bubbles and a huge bag of Thai sweet chilli sensations. Spoiler alert – the death toll is high in that programme!

My parents caravan is right on the beach front, check out the views:


Today the plan is to go for a nice walk up the Mourne Mountain (in the background) before heading back up to Belfast this evening. (Btw we’re not going all the way up that  mountain as our dog would get too tired🤥🤭)

In other news I mentioned last time we had some exciting news for TWDC and would like to now share that we have secured a new premises to move into. It’s very close to where we are already but it’s much bigger and will hopefully be more enjoyable for patients and staff alike. It’ll be a few months yet before we move in but I look forward to sharing the progress with you all along the way!


Have a nice holiday weekend,















A walk in the park just isn’t the same any more.

It was nice to get the BBQ back out yesterday for what’s likely to be it’s last outing of the year. With all the young babies around (and more on the way!) it was a Baileys and bed for us at 9.30pm though. We were half thinking it’s a lame bed time for a Saturday night and half absolutely buzzing about the extra sleep we’d be getting.

We have to get the extra hours in when we can these days as it’s usually a 6.30am toddler alarm no matter what day it is. Here’s Mila right on cue this morning making sure I wasn’t going back to sleep:


She doesn’t fall for the old “I’m not sleeping I’m just resting my eyes” trick any more🙄.

It was actually ok this morning though as ‘eggs’ were on the menu for breakfast anyway as Ireland and Scotland were playing in the rugby world cup. Im not a massive rugby fan but as an Irish man living in Scotland I couldn’t have missed that one.

Unfortunately for me, my football team Manchester United couldn’t carry on the winning form this afternoon, we were beaten 2-0 which ‘hammered’ home the realisation that we are now terrible. As I write this my dog Fergie – named after the good old days, is staring at me waiting for a walk. Before we had our dog, winning games was a walk in the park for Fergie. These days wee Fergie still has a walk in the park but winning has been replaced with a lot of sh**!

Anyway… it’s September weekend coming up and we are looking forward to going back to Ireland to visit my family. We’ve also got some exciting news to announce in the coming weeks with some big changes for Tiwari Watson Dental Care – all to be revealed soon!😁


Have a good week everyone,







All for a good cause!

Feeling a bit tender today after our sponsored charity walk for Marie Curie yesterday. I genuinely thought that It would be much easier than it was, even going so far as calling it a ‘stroll’ before we started. But I don’t think ill underestimate walking again after that!

We kicked off from Balmaha at 9.15am and went straight up Conic Hill. It was very steep and less than 10 minutes in the sweat was on and jackets were off. Worrying start considering we knew there was at least 8-9 hours to go. Didn’t take long to get to the top of Conic Hill though and the views were absolutely brilliant – Scotland is an absolute beaut 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


We ploughed on and eventually stopped for lunch at Drymen at around 1.30pm, at this point I remember thinking I have never really appreciated the humble work of a chair enough, never will I take them for granted again! We later regretted the pitt stop as it probably added 2 hours on to our overall time as we took a bit of a long cut to get back on track. Id say when we do the walk again next year ☺️ we’ll stay on the path and stick to a packed lunch.

Post lunch was a tough shift as thats when the first blisters started to appear. At about 5pm we were really starting to struggle and played some games to keep us going. The alphabet game of naming countries beginning with ‘A’ (and so on) was brought out.  First answer being ‘Asia’ tells you we were on the ropes 😆

We tried to keep our instagram story updated throughout but theres definitely a few conflicting ‘instagram versus reality’ photos from around about this time.

I remember feeling really weak like I could fall over and then looking in total awe at the two pregnant walkers Raashi and Lorna. If I was struggling to carry water and Percy Pigs how were they coping carrying other tiny humans!?

Mentally it was taking its toll towards the end as everyone we passed in the opposite direction kept saying ‘2 hours’ to Milngavie. This happened over a 4 hour period. It didn’t make sense as we were still walking  – someone was clearly moving Milngavie further away! It was soul destroying.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity though we raised so much money (TBC but over £1k at this point!) for Marie Curie Glasgow and this helped us dig in and finish it off just before 8pm to Milngavie.

Although painful it was good fun and im really proud of and thankful to all our staff for doing it. Such a good team effort.

Forgive us tomorrow if we’re coming out to the waiting room on chairs to call our patients in 😁


Have a good week everyone,











£115 of £300 – almost half way!


Got back from holiday in Turkey on Saturday morning in the early hours, had such a nice time away with the family and would definitely go back to the same resort.  The best bit was the things to do for kids. There was so much stuff for them and the kids club even included a fake mini hospital, fire station, ice cream factory and a dentist! All the kids were able to dress up and play pretend.

Obviously I was drawn to the dental practice and I was really impressed with the attention to detail. Couldn’t help but notice a few things that wouldn’t have passed a practice inspection though so I’ve passed our practice manager Sharon’s details on to the hotel to help out on that front 🙂

Our daughter Mila and our friends son Jack were absolutely loving it though, so if your thinking of going to Turkey to get your veneers done, just hold off until we get them through the practice inspection then book in. 😆

There was plenty of stuff for adults too though and one night we enjoyed a show from Moscow’s state circus. Here’s a clip of just one of the acts:

I can imagine being that lady’s dentist: “So how did you chip your tooth? ”

‘Well, I was biting this soft ball……..’

It was an all inclusive resort so we spent most of it ‘eating like pac-man’ as my mum puts it. Im actually looking forward to eating normally again this week.

I would say the only slight negative was the queuing system, or lack thereof. Whether it was for an omelette or a mojito there was a lot of bunking going on. And the staff were just serving rather than saying  ‘who’s first?’, or whatever that might be in Turkish. By the way in Ireland thats ‘who’s next?’ – took me a while to clock on to it when I was in my first queue after moving across the water. I remember looking around thinking ‘well im not first, probably like 4th or 5th but I’d say its my turn.’

Whether its ‘first’ or ‘next’ I think its an Irish/Scottish/British thing that we all just politely wait our turn though.  Maybe this is what Obama mean’t when he said we’d be at the back of the queue after Brexit 🤔

It does ‘cue’ me in to remind everyone of our staff  charity walk from Milngavie to Balmaha next Saturday 14th Sept. Our target is to raise £300 for Marie Curie in Balornock and so far we are at £115. Did you know it costs Marie Curie Balornock £9,896 per day to run the hospice?! They are only partially government funded and rely on the generosity of the public to allow them to continue providing care and support for people and families with terminal illness.

We are trying to do our small bit to help them (£300 will provide over 15 hours of nursing support in someones home through the night)  – you’ll notice us breaking in our walking shoes in work this week so please help us out to reach our target by clicking the link in the comments section of this post, any donations are much appreciated! 🙌🏼


Have a good week everyone,


















Turkey round 2 🇹🇷

On holiday in 🦃 at the moment, currently sitting by the baby pool shade-bathing while our youngest daughter Sienna has a nap.

We left on Friday afternoon after a 2 hour wait on the runway – thankfully nothing wrong with the planes left phalange in the end though.

The delay wasn’t fun to be honest but the captain was so nice, kept coming and talking to as much people as he could in person and he even made an announcement that any passengers, young or old were invited to the cockpit to have a look around. We gladly took him up on his offer. Mila asked ‘where is the driving bit’ meaning the steering wheel but there was none. Only a joystick type thing and about 1000 buttons. Fair play to pilots, it must be such a tough job – having to deal with all them buttons and casually being responsible for over 300 peoples lives every day! 🙌🏼

Personally I’ll be taking a leaf out of the captains book about how to better communicate any delays/waiting times too!


Eventually we arrived late on Friday and enjoyed a nice wee day at the pool yesterday. The resort we’re at seems to be mostly Russian with a lot of the males involved in some sort of who can wear the smallest trunks competition. I’ll not be Russian into any of that but we’ll see how the tans doing by the end of the week 😆

We’re away with our friends Claire and Jez and their son Jack so it’s great Mila has a wee pal to run around with. I think the same could be said for myself and Jez too.

Its 30 degrees today and the same forecast for the week – would be great to take some of it back with us for our sponsored staff charity walk in a couple of weeks. I can’t see it though and imagine we’ll be drenched! It’s from Milngavie to Balmaha and should be about 7/8 hours so probably quite tough for a group of amateur hill walkers – especially for our 2 pregnant 🤰 🤰 participants!

On that front we’ve got our just giving page all set up so if you can please donate anything to help us on our way, all proceeds raised go directly to Marie Curie Balornock.





Have a good week everyone,