Viva Ronaldo

It was nice to bump into Gary Oldman yesterday at the Manchester United game! I forgot his name initially and simply went ‘there’s that actor fella’ – thankfully my dad remembered and he was nice enough to get a photo with us. My dad and I got ourselves some season tickets at Old Trafford for this year so it was great to get down for Ronaldo’s returning debut. All week I was so excited about it, literally counting down the sleeps – it felt like Christmas and I was 7 years old again! Ronaldo didn’t disappoint either, 2 more goals to add to his ridiculous tally. He’s only 134 goals off Wayne Rooney’s Man United record now, I thought he had an outside chance of beating that yesterday but I was happy to settle for the brace.

After the game I was at a friends wedding in Liverpool too so it was a great day. There might have been some terrible dancing on display though after the beers all day at the game. Hopefully theres no video evidence. 🙈

Looking forward to getting back home (currently driving back) to see the kids – fingers crossed they all just want to lie on the sofa and watch TV and eat crisps 🤞🏼….Wishful thinking perhaps!

Busy week at work this week coming and our new dentist Lydia is starting in a couple of weeks too. She popped in to say hello to the team last week – she’s lovely so I’m sure our patients & staff will all get on well with her. Another Irish girl too, just to confirm in advance though she is NOT my daughter, as some patients thought our dentist Laura was. 😳

With her starting we’re hopeful this will bring our appointment waiting times down and the same with our new patient list. Just to confirm to all we are still taking new patients on at the moment. The NHS waiting list is around 12 months or there is availability to be seen sooner privately. These waiting times will hopefully come down drastically now though once Lydia starts.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a good week all,

Viva Ronaldo


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Beckham for Sale!

This week my oldest daughter started school so it was exciting and emotional for us as parents to wave her off, thankfully she absolutely loved her first two days. She’s always been very clever so a PhD by the end of primary school wouldn’t surprise me but maybe I’m a little biased ☺️!

Football starting back this week was a great bonus too, my own team won 5-1 and are currently top of the league so in my opinion we should just ‘stop the count’ already.

When Raashi’s out and I have the kids myself I tend to call it ‘babysitting’ although she assures me that as they are my kids it’s actually called parenting. I may have bribed Sienna into watching the game with me with ice cream & chocolate while I was ‘parenting’ on Saturday! 🤗

My own ice cream and chocolate days might have to be scaled back though as I recently started getting back to exercise with a personal trainer – one of my patients actually (Matthew at Elation fitness). It’s been great so far and the gym facilities are brilliant. He took it easy on me for week 1 but week 2 was a different story, I’ve been walking around like John Wayne all week! Last night we had a Chinese takeaway but I’m sure Matthew will be glad to know that I followed the Kevin bridges diet advice and abstained from the ‘lid’ on my filled prawn crackers. All good for week 3 now 💪🏼

Our computers are getting upgraded at work tomorrow and Tuesday so unfortunately we can’t make any new appointments on those days unless it’s an emergency. Thank you to all of our patients in advance for your patience on that front! We’re upgrading our 3D cone beam scanner later this year too so if any dentists are reading this and want a very good value second hand one please get in touch! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact a few friends have said to me ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it.’ This is a fair point but the issues is I like to think of myself as an Alex Ferguson type manager, never afraid to ship some big players out at the right time to invest in the squad with some younger up and coming prospects. 😜

In summary, an excellent 3D cone beam scanner is available to a new dental practice in this transfer window for the new season starting. It’s a very experienced player and has been integral as part of a trophy winning team for many years. Available at a smashing price with arguably its prime years still ahead. Will do really well in another league (practice) for many years to come. A bit like Beckham when he went to Madrid. ☺️

Have a good week all,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Topping it off

Really enjoyed being at a friends wedding in Ireland at the start of this week. I may have shed a wee tear on my own wedding day and I do get the occasional reminder about it from my friends so I was hoping to gain a partner on that front. I actually had a bet on with the groom but to my surprise and disappointment he held strong. He even gave me a wee grin/glance during the ceremony as if to say ‘that’s my bet up now.’

I see now in this photo how he must have managed it, the old ‘eyes closed at everything’ technique ...classic!

It’s been so nice lately weather wise so I’m glad they had a lovely day for their wedding. Glasgow has been abnormally great for these past few weeks too. Part of me is thinking ‘is this climate change?’ and the other part is just thinking ‘….taps aff 😎’

I have an english friend who mixed that phrase up recently. She went for ‘taps off‘. I had to explain to her the difference between ‘taps off’, ‘taps aff’ and ‘tops off’:

As you can see the tap is off, the tap is aff, and finally England had a good run but they couldn’t quite top it off.

With all the great weather we’re lucky we have air con in place in the waiting room and surgeries as it’s been absolutely essential lately. Especially with the extra PPE we’re all wearing at the moment. A lot of our anxious patients usually get a bit hot/clammy in the waiting room too so it’s a nice change for them to come in to the dentist to actually cool down instead!

We’ve got another few weeks of nice weather left apparently so im looking forward to making the most of it. Remember it’s taps oan in the waiting room please.

Take care all and have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Football’s coming Rome 🇮🇹

Well it’s Euro final day and I’m really looking forward to the game later. I must admit I really like this English team and their manager, but I just can’t quite bring myself to support them tonight. I’m sorry to my English friends, patients (and wife!) but Forza Italia all the way!!!

I’m not an ‘anybody but England’ supporter at all…..I studied Italian up to A level at school in Belfast and while I was at Uni I spent one of my summers working in Rome for a couple of months, mainly trying to keep up the language skills. The apartment I stayed in at the time was on the street directly outside St Peters/The Vatican, right above a bakery where we’d get fresh Italian bread every morning. Incidentally the job I landed was on a bar crawl where I was paid to drink. As an Irish man it doesn’t get much better than that so I did have second thoughts about actually returning to finish my degree! I’m sure you can imagine coming home after a ‘tough nights work’ the smell of the bread being made was to die for 🤤

I reluctantly came home in the end and I now keep up my Italian with lessons online every week so it’s safe to say I’ve got a bit of an affection towards Italy!

AlessandRonan & I all set

It’s been a bit strange seeing the crowds for the football then still having restrictions on wedding numbers etc so it’s good to see some of those restrictions being lifted now that more of us are vaccinated. At work we’re still limited in terms of the numbers of patients we are able to see at the moment, which is why our appointments are booked so far in advance. Thankfully we have a new dentist starting in the next couple of months to help us out on that front though. She’s lovely so I’m looking forward to introducing her to our staff and patients. Watch this space!

In the mean time take care all and enjoy the game tonight if you’re watching it..

It’s coming Rome…


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

‘Simple as that’

I had a great time at the Scotland game during the week with one of our dentists Kamal and his twin brother Kishan. It was such a good atmosphere for just 12k lucky supporters. Shame about the result but Croatia had an absolutely world class player in Luka Modric, who stole the show. The guy sitting next to us had his own thoughts on Modric though and kept shouting about him the whole game. “HE’S NOT THAT GOOD!…. JUST STOP MODRIC….I’D PUT HIM IN THE STANDS – IT’S AS SIMPLE AS THAT”.

I did admire his self confidence and passion but the Scottish players on the pitch were half his age and weight and couldn’t get anywhere near the former winner of ‘Worlds Best Footballer,’ so I’m not so sure it would have been ‘as simple as that.’ 😆 . To be fair to the guy at least he didn’t have ‘COVID , 19’ on the back of his Scotland top which I did see at one of the games. Just no. 🤦🏻‍♂️

It was a shame to see Wales go out yesterday too, only England left now from the home nations but I think the Italians, French and Belgians will have something to say about ‘football coming home’.

Im the one in the middle and the twins are either side

Looking forward to next week for the Costa del Glasgow weather we’re expecting. No need for a flight, two PCR tests and two weeks of quarantining to get some sun 😎. Would be nice to have a bbq but finding gas is near impossible at the minute so it’ll have to be a cook inside eat outside job. I’ll actually have to source a wee table and chairs for the staff at work too so we can have lunch outside when it’s nice. Although with the waiting times to order that type stuff we may as well plan for eating outside in Summer 2022.

By that time hopefully ‘Covid-19’ is gone from all football tops and gone in general too 🤞🏼

Busy week at work next week but please call us if you need an appointment – it’s as simple as that.

Take care all,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

C’mon Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Enjoying some “R&R” up at Crieff Hydro this weekend with the family. It’s been good fun so far and the kids are loving it, making the most of the swimming pool, play park and pony rides. With us all staying in the same room though I think Raashi and I will need some proper R&R once we get back to Glasgow! We used to be sun lounging all day kind of people on holiday. Sadly those days are gone now. An ideal 5* holiday destination for me would now be a week in bed to be honest. No flights, luggage, queuing or quarantining required – bliss.

Believe it or not I used to think a Pony was a baby horse – apparently they’re not 🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m excited for Scotland’s first game at the Euro’s on Monday, it’s a shame that neither of the Ireland’s made it but having lived in Glasgow for 15 years now I like to consider myself part Scottish anyway. Especially as my Irish accent is nearly fully gone and I’m now left only with the Graeme McDowell version. (For those who don’t know Graeme – he’s an Irish golfer but his accent is now more American/Irish/Dutch/I don’t know what). It’s bad form of him to pass me his accent and not even an ounce of his golfing ability too. 🙄

It was very difficult/distressing to watch the scenes at the Euro’s yesterday with Christian Ericksen, the Danish player who collapsed and needed CPR on the pitch. I was so delighted to see he has stabilised now in hospital, hoping he goes on to make a full recovery and enjoys his Extra Time brought about by the amazing medical staff at the stadium 👏🏼❤️. We have one of the defibillator machines in our practice too, fingers crossed we never have to use it, but it’s good to know these are now cropping up in more and more places like shopping centres etc just incase they are ever needed. Incidentally they were invented by a Professor from N.Ireland, Frank Pantridge. Well done, Prof! 🙌🏼 What we lack in football we make up for in medical inventions, golf and dodgy accents.

I’m excited to get back to work next week after being off on Medical leave after a recent op. All went well and I’m ready to get back to it. We’re also doing our best to get a lot of our regular check up reminders sent back out at the moment however please call us if you haven’t heard and would like to book in as we can actually do them again now. Looking forward to seeing my patients again and catching up with you all.

Take care everyone and have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


Ted for PM

I’ve enjoyed a week of being pampered at home as I begin my recovery from a recent operation. Unfortunately our patients will know I’ll be off work on medical leave for another few weeks, but I’m feeling good and I’m in great hands at home. Raashi isn’t letting me do much at all, including putting on my own socks sometimes – which is absolutely great ☺️. I can get them on myself no bother but I might milk that one for another wee while (now that I’ve written this though it might be game over on that front!) She’s obviously got her hands full so it’s been so helpful having my own mum and Raashi’s mum around to help out with the kids too.

I’m also hoping to get back to Belfast in the next couple of weeks to take the sofa dwelling sessions international. Haven’t been back in a long time because of the pandemic so I’m really looking forward to having my favourite Belfast Delicacy – a Tayto cheese & onion crisp sandwich. 😋 A slice of ham can be added to that if you’re wanting to go for the Michelin star.

I’ve completed Netflix and Amazon prime video over the past couple of weeks so if anyone has any viewing suggestions out-with those I’m all ears. It’s a shame ‘Line of Duty’ is over. I was disappointed with the ending along with everyone else it seems. I’m probably more disappointed that it’s over though, hopefully big Ted doesn’t actually retire and run’s for PM next, I think he’d have a great chance of being gaffer of the UK. I can just imagine him listening to other politicians then shaking his head in disappointment and saying ‘mother of god.’

Raashi & I all set for the disappointing finale – Ted for PM.

Work’s been really busy in my absence and our other dentists Laura, Kamal Mr Chan & Raashi along with all the team are working flat out at the moment. I’m looking forward to getting back to it in a few weeks to help them out and see my patients again.

In the mean time take care all and have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Taps not quite aff yet…

Really enjoyed the sunshine yesterday afternoon, even if it wasn’t quite warm enough for ‘taps aff’ yet. In fact I actually spent a lot of time putting an extra tap back on when the sun went behind the clouds. Still nice though, especially now that we’re allowed other people in the back garden again too.

We had a wee play date for the kids but unfortunately our daughter Sienna (2) chipped her front tooth on her toy garden table after Raashi and I spent Friday afternoon fixing it as well:

Hoping our patients don’t come in next week and casually jump onto the worktop now😆🤦🏻‍♂️...

I actually had my own teeth fixed this week too, by our dentist Laura. My lowers were really crowded and overlapping so it was great to get my Invisalign treatment finished off on Thursday:

I’m all top teeth and gum when I smile but those lowers still always bothered me. She’s actually put some composite bonding on one of them too just to make them the same height, I’m not even sure which one it is to be honest and it’s my mouth and I’m a dentist! 🤷🏻‍♂️. Top class work Laura thank you!👌🏼

We’re also looking for another dentist at the moment as our waiting list is now at 6 months for new NHS patients so any dentists reading this and interested please give us a shout asap! (practice manager)

Really looking forward to bent coppers tonight at 9pm on BBC1. I’ve got a horrible feeling one of the main characters is going to die or be ‘H’. (carefully worded so as not to spoil anything there incase there’s somehow anyone left on the planet who hasn’t seen ‘Line of Duty’.)

I absolutely love it – Mother of God, great show.

Take care all and have a good week, not long now until the pubs and restaurants open 🍻


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Boxing, Back to business, and Bent coppers!

Yesterday morning before starting work I was watching my younger brother Nathan continue his winning streak in his professional boxing career out of Brisbane, Australia:

Literally keeping a close eye on events…

I get really nervous watching his fights and have no idea how he actually does it. The training he puts in is ridiculous. I remember going to a boxercise class a few years ago and just trying to properly hit the punchbag during one of the 60 second stations was unbelievably tough. I could barely move the thing with how feeble my punches were, as I was so out of breath. Any momentum in the bag itself would have been enough to knock me out – thankfully my punches didn’t actually generate any! Compare that 60 seconds to 3 minute rounds of real boxing with someone who can actually hit you back hard….. Fair play Nathan and congratulations on the win – I’m a very proud “big” brother!

In complete contrast to that training and dedication I spent a large proportion of my week eating family bags of the new Walkers Max double crunch KFC zinger flavour crisps. If you’ve not had them yet then my God you must go out and get some. I did manage at least some exercise to justify stuffing my face with crisps, Raashi and I walked up conic hill on Monday (smashing a bag at the top of-course) and it was great to get back to non contact 5-a-side football on Thursday night.

Not a lot of shops seem to have them so when you find them, stock up

Now that we’re able to do more treatments at work it’s been great to finish off treatment plans from pre covid that were delayed. One such job was with our patient Hannah who had Invisalign braces carried out. It was such a nice result, one that she was really happy with and all of our staff were delighted for her too. It’s such a good feeling when we know our patients are delighted at the end of a treatment plan, particularly when the treatment takes a few months and we get to know them so well. I’ll miss the banter with Hannah for now but look forward to seeing her again for check ups in the future (or maybe on our Christmas night out that she’s asked to come on 😆)

Speaking of Christmas nights out I’m excited that they will surely be allowed by then, although I’m not sure Shanghai Shuffle’s Karaoke night will be ready for my tone deaf vocals.

There’s only one thing I’m interested in tonight though, and thats catching bent coppers. For those of you that don’t know that’s ‘Line of Duty’ at 9pm on BBC1. If you truly want to be ‘suckin diesel’ you’ll need a bag of KFC zinger crisps to go with it.

Take care all,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s day to all the mum’s out there! Hopefully not too long now before we can all actually get to see our mums a bit more often again. I know I’m desperate to get back to Belfast when it’s allowed and briefly say hi to my mum, give her a hug, then immediately hand the grandkids over and proceed to lie on the sofa for 2 days straight.

Raashi will have the sofa pass today although we’ll probably do the standard lockdown activity of going for a walk soon. The other activity of watching tv shows and films has been well and truly rinsed already. Last night we watched a true story film on Amazon Prime about a man (Daniel Radcliffe) who escapes from a South African prison. It was actually pretty good although surprisingly he didn’t just use his magic to get out – would have saved himself so much time. It might not have been as good a film right enough…….man gets arrested, goes to jail, abracadabra he’s out, …..the end.

Talking of saving time though, if you’re reading this then do yourself a favour and don’t watch ‘Behind her eyes’ on Netflix. It takes 4 episodes to realise that it’s not in fact a ‘who done it’ thriller but instead a show in which the lead actress can transport her soul to other places and even into other people. Total waste of time, 4 hours that would be much better spent going for a walk.

Happy Mother’s Day to Raashi!

Raashi is actually back to work now too so we’ve been able to start taking on new patients again, although there is a bit of a waiting list. For our current patients we’re also trying to get back to routine check ups again so if you’ve not heard from us in a while rest assured we’ve not forgotten about you and will be in touch soon. Please also feel free to call us first if you’ve got something that needs urgent attention as we are able to do all treatments again too.

Enjoy the rest of your day to all the mum’s and don’t worry Dad’s our time will come (maybe even when the pubs are open 😜)

Take care all and stay safe,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)