Wedding Fun 🕺🏻

We had a great staff night out on Friday night at the escape rooms on Bath Street followed by dinner at Zizzi’s. Unfortunately we didn’t actually make it out of the room before the time limit though.  It was definitely quite tough so i’m glad the guy just opened the door as I think we’d probably still be there now sifting through clues otherwise.

Dinner afterwards was nice and while the rest of the staff went out myself and Raashi came home as I was up at 6am to travel to a friends wedding in York. Raashi couldn’t come to the wedding as we’ve got a couple of unwell babies at home and we didn’t want to both leave them. This meant I was flying solo but so too was my friend Paul so I still had a dancing partner and someone to share the so called ‘double’ bed at the hotel with. Lets just say it was a cosy nights sleep.

Here’s myself, my friend Paul and the groom Rory on my left.



We all shared a flat together as students along with Rory’s pet rat called Molly. Yes you read that correctly, a pet rat. I came into his room one day and there he was sitting casually on his bed typing something on his laptop with Molly his rat ‘chilling out’ on his shoulder.

To be fair to Rory his pet choices may be controversial but his wedding was absolutely fantastic. Not such a good train journey back up the road today but at least I’ve got a normal sized bed to look forward to tonight and although Paul’s a handsome fella it will be nice to be the big spoon again 😆

For all of Raashi’s patients who are wondering where she is we were hoping she would be back from mat leave soon, but it turns out she’s pregnant again so although she’ll be popping in occasionally to do treatment, it might be a while until she is back full time. As the footballer Peter Crouch elegantly puts it, going from two kids to three (all under 3) will see us switch up our tactics from man to man marking to more of a zonal formation going forward. I’m feeling blessed and looking forward to the challenge.

Also looking forward to our next work night out which I think will be next month after a charity event we’re planning so watch this space!


Have a good week everyone,















Role reversal- my turn to be the patient!

So I had a taste of what it’s like to be a patient at our practice myself this week as I had to book in with Laura and Danielle to change one of my fillings. We took an x-ray a few weeks ago and noticed that my silver filling had some decay under it, probably something to do with the snickers ice creams that I’ve been addicted to lately.

It was strange to lie in the chair as opposed to sit behind it but the different perspective helped me notice a few things I wouldn’t have picked up on otherwise. Number 1: Our ‘where’s Wally’ posters on the ceiling are near impossible to crack. It is possible to find Wally’s girlfriend, Wilma, but Wally himself is illusive from the chair. Only 1 person has ever managed to find him and I see now what an achievement that was. I might actually give her a call and ask her to find my missing hair at the top 😏

Secondly, Laura has mad numbing skills. Didn’t feel a thing except for a gradually more numb cheek. Finally our new noise cancelling headphones make such a difference. I had my favourite tunes blasting the whole time and was actually kind of disappointed when my filling was over. (I accidentally left my phone connected so Laura’s next patient got an earful of Irish folk music and 90’s dance anthems – ‘my 2 alter ego’s’ as Laura put it.

Thankfully I’ve got another filling to be replaced in a few weeks which i’m actually looking forward to now. Im also looking forward to a few more snickers ice creams until then and after that ill cut back 🤥

By the way my filling looks amazing (see our facebook yesterday) and has been totally pain free – smashing job so big thanks to Laura and Danielle for sorting me out. 😁



Forgot to get a selfie during my appointment and thats the only photo of myself and Laura I could find- ‘filling’ ourselves up at McD’s!

Off to softplay now for me..

Have a good week everyone,
















‘Partying’ all weekend

Not long back from a spin class today for the first time in a couple of years. They’re so tough but great exercise. At one point though I had to go out for a lie down in the corridor outside the spin room as I thought I was going to faint. Thankfully I didn’t but when I went back in there was definitely some pretending to add resistance going on.

Raashi and I are taking turns to go out today as we’ve been quarantined for the past few days with our daughter Mila who has chicken pox. Such a wee shame for her as she’s got them really bad. We think she’s over the hump of it though and we’re kind of hoping our other daughter Sienna just gets them now too so they’re over and done with. One of our patients told me this week that some Americans have created ‘chicken pox parties’ for this reason. Here’s me thinking my partying days were behind me but it seems there’s a whole new level of partying I’ve still got to do. So if anyone’s interested let us know, we’ll be partying through the night, we’ll supply the snacks and don’t worry if you don’t have any immunity as you’ll get a free virus on the house.

To keep ourselves going we’ve downloaded Toy story 1, 2 and 3 and stocked up on the ice cream. Spanish Buzz Lightyear and Ken (Barbie’s Ken) are the best characters. (Toy story 4 was no where near as good by the way, we took the girls to the cinema to see that a couple of weeks ago).  So any time Mila suggests that we watch ‘Paw patrol’ or ‘Barbies dream world’ I manage to convince her that what I have on offer is so much better. ‘Storks’ on netflix comes highly recommended on that front too by the way. Ill see if I can get that onto our video goggles at work actually as its definitely an all ager.

Anyway back to Toy Story for me as both girls now up from their naps and literally climbing on me:

IMG_1096 2.JPG


Have a good week everyone,









Living for the weekend (carbs)

Just finished giving our youngest daughter Sienna her sink and now ready for her feed and bed. Now that she’s 7 months and quite chunky I think her days of sinking are numbered and she’ll be due an upgrade to the bath soon. The thing is our kitchen sinks are quite deep and the tap has an extendable hose so it’s so much handier. In fact if anything ever happens to our shower I might give it a try myself. I can imagine Raashi’s reaction though if she ever came downstairs in the morning and found me standing in the kitchen sink shampooing.

This week Raashi and I have been trying to limit our carbs and decided to go Monday-Thursday carb and rubbish free and eat whatever at the weekend. During the week we were good and had plenty of salads though at times we needed each other’s help to stay strong. On Tuesday we all had scrambled eggs and only Mila got buttered toast. I swear her toast was the best thing I have ever smelt, although I think it was partly carb withdrawal symptoms. It reminded me of the free tea and toast you get in the hospital after a new baby arrives, how good is that stuff? I think it was Thursday when I caved and snuck in a chocolate ice lolly while Raashi was out walking our dog Fergie. I did try to hide the wrapper/evidence under other rubbish in the bin but like a true detective Raashi spotted it right away. ☺️

We’ve maybe overloaded a bit too much this weekend with the rest of the ice cream, Chinese takeaway last night, McDonalds for lunch today and Wallacewell farm for dinner tonight. To be fair I went for the ‘standard’ carvery plate as opposed to the horse sized ‘mega’ one.


Im off work tomorrow myself so looking forward to a lie in and smelling some toast for breakfast. Our dentist Kamal and therapist Andrea, supported by our lovely staff are holding down the fort tomorrow and have some emergency appointments available if anyone needs to call.


Have a good week everyone,









Taking the plunge

Today we finally took the plunge (literally) by going swimming at our local pool with our daughters and joined the gym as full members. Hopefully this means we will actually go sometimes. Watch this space.

We were part motivated to join the gym by ‘Faceapp’ which seemed to go viral this week. It gave us a glimpse of what we might look like when we’re older. I wasn’t sure my forehead could get any bigger but it seems I could be very wrong. Age also seems to have it in for me way more than Raashi.🤦🏻‍♂️ Im hoping this exercise malarkey will postpone the process of the hairline travelling that far back.🤞🏼


Our nurse Gemma also used the app to make a video for all the staff this week and put it on our instagram page. I was relieved that even Mr Chan looked older as in truth every year that goes by he looks about 3 years younger. Maybe the app just doesn’t take into account the Benjamin button factor or perhaps it isn’t a fair reflection of the ageing process after all. I’ve since heard that it was made by Russians who want our faces for artificial intelligence. I’ve deleted it just incase as if it’s true we’ve no idea where Vladimir’s Putin our data.😏

We’re aiming to take the girls swimming at least once per week and take turns to go to classes ourselves. What makes it harder is actually getting out of the house. Looking back it was so easy to leave the house without kids. Took about 2 minutes. Keys, phone, wallet and out. These days its a good 30-45 minutes. Nappies need changed before going, new ones packed, snacks for the car, bottle made up, spare baby food incase we’re out for long, baby wipes, bibs, buggies, the sling, calpol, car seats, and paw patrol downloaded. We’ll finally leave then usually have to go back as we’ve forgot the armbands or a dummy or something else. Im sure all parents can relate!

As part of our gym membership we also get access to Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome which is not far from our work and on my route home too. If any of our patients see me there please come up and say hello so I can take a break from pretending to exercise.


Have a good week everyone,








Glasgow Fair Festivities

Glasgow fair presented us with an opportunity to get the boat back to Ireland this weekend and we’ve spent it at my parents caravan in County Down. The views and the weather have been absolutely amazing.  Friday night we arrived late so it was a netflix and chill evening. (I’ve been informed by our staff that can mean something else but I literally mean we watched netflix and chilled.)

On Saturday Raashi and I went for a ‘run’ on the beach. That’s intentionally in inverted commas as it was definitely more a brisk walk. Regardless we used that to help justify the afternoon of bbq and beers on the decking. On Saturday night my dad and I went to the pub down the road for one or two, but found ourselves still talking absolute rubbish at a ‘lock in’ at 3am.

So breakfast on Sunday consisted of Paracetamol and toast followed by a dip in the ‘swimming pool’ as my daughter Mila called it, more commonly known as the sea. Of course it was absolutely freezing so if the breakfast of champions didn’t quite cut it the swimming pool certainly did. Here’s my attempt at body boarding/surfing/I don’t know what:


We watched the Wimbledon final in the evening before heading back up to Belfast. What a game it was. The stamina of Rodger Federer at 37 is outstanding. I wonder how many brisk walks he has had to do to get to that kind of level? Astonishing achievement from both players to be honest, fair play to them!


We’ll be getting the boat back to Scotland today, though I suppose I could save some money and body board over instead 😕. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday today everyone, we’re open until 8pm tomorrow if anyone needs to get in touch!









This week we sat our youngest daughter Sienna down and said “listen your 6 months old now Sienna, it’s time you moved out of our room and found your own place.” She took it quite well to be fair, found a lovely wee room just a couple of doors down and negotiated an 18 year rent free lease. It was sad to see her go, (they grow up so fast) but it was nice to be able to talk at normal volume, use the electric toothbrush, and have the lights on when getting changed for bed in our own room again.

We’ve been trying to get her down a wee bit earlier to get her used to her new spot, allowing us time to watch love island. I’ve been trying my hardest not to watch it but I keep getting sucked in. It always starts with me sitting beside Raashi with my laptop open catching up on emails or admin, then ill ask her briefly about who’s who and go back to emails. This will go on back and forth for a while until the laptop finally gets shut and eventually i’m asking Raashi why she didn’t pause it while I was at the toilet! So if you’re wondering why I’ve been slow to reply to your email lately, I’m sorry but my heads been turned – it is what it is.

One good thing to come from Love island is the water bottles which we have decided to invest in for all the staff at work. I found myself drinking too much coffee during the day (booked in with our therapist Andrea this week for my airflow stain removal!) so now i’m cutting right back on that and have had at least 3 or 4 bottles of water instead. Few more trips to the loo to put up with but I actually feel much better for it.



Back to work tomorrow where as always we are accepting new patients, both NHS and private, so if you’re thinking of re-coupling with a new dentist, give us a call on 0141 5573488.

Have a good week everyone