Getting into the Christmas spirit….

Busy christmassy week just passed starting with a visit to Elfingrove on Tuesday. The lights and fake snow outside made for great photos but the rest of it was maybe a bit weird. One of the first stops was to meet Rudolph which our daughter Mila was buzzing about. She burst into tears when he was finally unveiled as a t-rex dinosaur with a santa hat on. ‘That’s not Rudolph Daddy😭’ … she was saying😂. I didn’t know how to explain what was going on so we swiftly moved on to the next room to meet the ‘elves of the Christmas night out.’

When that turned out to be a big room with two guys dressed up as knights dancing to ‘hammer time’ I had to cave and give her some chocolate buttons to get through the rest of it. There was one good part where the kids got to write letters to Santa and post them via a fake rocket ship. Mila asked for some toys and I asked Santa to sort out the reindeer recruitment policy.☺️

Watch out for the dinosaurs 🦖

This Friday night was our staff Christmas night out and we had it at Boclair House hotel. It was really good fun and well worth the sore head the next day. The compere was calling us ‘Tiwari Watson Dental Hospital’ all night. Im not sure our wee practice qualifies as a hospital but we just went with it. I think next year Raashi is actually looking forward to joining me on the sore head front as she’s been pregnant for the past 3 Christmas nights out though. It’s nice having designated driver/minder but I think she’s looking forward to not being pregnant for a while.

Dancefloor selfies

She and I were back at Boclair last night again at a friends wedding, live music included a girl on the saxophone which was absolutely class. I’ve decided I’ve got to learn to play it one day. My goal is for Christmas night out 2025 to be there with my t-rex and Santa hat outfit, playing hammer time on the saxophone. Doesn’t get much more christmassy than that!

Staff training event planned for tomorrow, then we’re really busy up until Christmas time so if you need to book in to see us before we close on the 24th at Tiwari Watson Dental Hospital, please get in touch asap!

Hoping everyone enjoys their xmas nights out if they’ve not been yet!

Have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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