Wet suit it is..

Back to work for dentists in England tomorrow – I’m hoping it goes well for them although it’s a shame that they only found out recently on BBC news and have since been scrambling for PPE and to finalise their new protocols, I’ve read that only a third of practices are in a position to actually open.

In Scotland our health boards are organising for free PPE to be picked up by all practices in the coming days/weeks, just to get us started. Normally dental practices buy their own PPE independently so to have this organised for free is great, especially now when the prices are extortionate. The health board are returning the favour for dentists donating all our PPE to the hospices and care homes at the start/peak of the pandemic. It’s not lots but in my opinion it’s a great touch and very much appreciated.

I’m hoping it’s also a sign that we’ll be given the go ahead to open fairly soon, although it will be for urgent care only at the start. It’s great that a lot more patients are being seen at the dental hubs for non urgent treatment now too.

As you all no doubt know we were supposed to move into our new premises before now, but we have struggled to get it finished with suppliers being closed and lockdown limiting the number of jobs we could actually get done. We’re almost there now though and if your driving by you may notice the driveway is nearly there:

Great work by ‘Stevie Driveways’ as he is in my phone. (Driveway bureau)

You can also just about make out the golden arches in that photo there too, my favourite restaurant in the world. Was anyone in the queue’s this week? They were stretched so far along Springburn Road it was past the exit to Hawthorn Street! I’m hoping we have a similar queue once we re-open 😷☺️

In other news our new state of the art paddling pool for the garden arrived this week:

£38 on ebay – what a bargain

Sadly just in time for the cold weather front we are expecting. Wet suit it is then.

Have a good week everyone and hopefully this time next we’ll have a proposed date for re-opening.


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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