Happy Father’s Day

What other way is there to start Father’s day off than with a lie in! My day got even better when the kids all fancied a nap at the same time so we had our McD’s in the car rather than risk waking them up:

Love them all but you cannot beat the Mc’triple nap 🎰

I’d love to be getting back to work tomorrow like a lot of dentists in Scotland but sadly we’re not in position to open up yet. We got unlucky with the timing of our relocation in that we were supposed to have a structured transition from our old place to the new one in April, but with the pandemic we had to vacate our old property before the new one was ready to go.

There’s a few bits and bobs to tie up but mainly we are waiting on our pre-opening practice inspection which is required for all ‘new’ premises. We sent out our monthly newsletter yesterday to all patients and mentioned that we are hoping to be opened up in mid July. This would tie in quite nicely with our 5 year anniversary from taking over from Dr Chan on the 15th July 2015.

Within the same 18 months we took over the practice, got married, got a dog, moved house and had a baby. Absolutely no half measures there! 😆

To continue the good measure the last 18 months have seen us invest in a new premises, move our business to it and have another 2 babies while we were at it! During the next 18 months we hope to casually overcome the effects of a pandemic. 🤗

The Scottish Government have told us that there will be a change to how NHS dentistry is delivered post COVID so I’m keen to find out how that’s going to look and hope it’s all clear soon. Our practice has always been firmly committed to offering NHS dentistry so I hope the government continue to support access to it.

During the lockdown we have been able to refer patients for emergency care but as you know we haven’t been able to see anyone for routine care. Seeing our patients regularly helps us to pick up problems like tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer early enough that it can be treated/prevented. The sooner we are back to work the better for everyones oral health. A lot of our patients have messaged in with issues that unfortunately didn’t qualify to be seen at the emergency hubs so I can promise you we’ll be doing our absolute best to accommodate everyone asap once we re-open.

Enjoy the rest of Father’s day to all the dad’s, have a good week everyone and hope to see you all soon,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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