The good old days

Groundhog day today with lounging about the house then going out for a walk. I didn’t think walking would be that much exercise to be honest but our girls like to take turns at sitting back with their feet up while daddy pushes them on their bikes. Last week I actually took the 3 kids out by myself for a walk and was pushing the pram with one hand, dog lead attached (& dog obviously), while also pushing Sienna on her scooter with the other hand and navigating Mila who was holding on to the back of the pram to pull herself along in her balance bike. Who said men couldn’t multi-task?

To be fair I can’t seem to master the art of multi-tasking just as well when I’m on my phone. If Raashi asks me a question while I’m texting someone I look up in total bemusement not really knowing what day it is, much to her discontent as you can imagine! ☺️

I think I spend more time texting friends now though as we see each other so less often. I came across this photo today from almost exactly 1 year ago:

The good old days

Look at us all just sitting there, less than 2 metres apart, with no masks on, in a pub! Little did we know then how much we would appreciate the luxury of that! Someone sent me a whatsapp recently asking “if at the end of this lockdown you could chose between a foreign holiday with your wife or pints and steaks with the lads, what would be your choice:

A. Well done
B. Medium
C. Medium Rare
D. Rare

Raashi reads this blog so let’s just say I never replied! 😂

Just incase we do get abroad soon though – I’ve made the most of the extra time lockdown has given me and booked a series of Italian lessons online (I guess that limits our choice of location right enough) – which has been good fun. I used to speak Italian fairly well after taking it for A-Level but I’d forgotten a lot of it. It’s coming back to me though and co-incidentally I managed to get to speak to one of my 2 Italian patients last week!

Looking forward to a trip to Rome at some point in the future and catching up with the other 50% of our Italian patient cohort!

Stay safe all,

Ciao for now


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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