Hanging in there ..

I spent Friday and Saturday this week at the UK & Ireland ITI (International team for Implantology) annual conference in Edinburgh. It meant staying over on the Friday night in Edinburgh which was great fun as there was also a party with a live band on at the National Museum of Scotland.

With my friends Jamie & Andy bright and early for the lectures the morning after the party – 3 of us hanging in there like the performers from the night before!

It was great to actually go to in person events like that again as opposed to ‘zooming’ them from home. It’s good to see people/colleagues that I’ve not seen in so long – plus there’s always free food at these things to make the most of. (Oh and yes its good to learn new things too of-course – the main reason for going!) 😆

It was a good end to a very busy week at work as we welcomed two new nurses (Megan and Caitlin) and a new dentist (Lydia) to our expanding team. They seem to have settled in really well already. We had a work night out last weekend to welcome everyone so you can imagine at my age I’m now hoping for quiet weekends until Christmas after the double header. 😴

We’re just back from Jurassic park (I don’t know the real name but it was a park with dinosaurs) with the kids this afternoon – at Cunigar loop in Rutherglen. Older kids loved it, youngest actually thought the dinosaurs were real and wanted to eat him so I had to carry him the whole way round – he’s not the lightest either! Word of advice if you’re planning on going, bring the welly boots – we got ourselves absolutely covered in muck! To make matters worse Ronan’s nappy had started to leak through too so muck wasn’t my only concern. Soaking, tired, cold & Covered in muck and pee. Not a bad Sunday but not my favourite either – I’m hopeful that a Chinese takeaway later on will save it!

Now that Lydia’s joined the team we’re hopeful our waiting lists will come down, so give us a call if you’re in need of an appointment or if your on the waiting list already we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Take care all and have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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