‘Nearly there…’

So our team made it to the top of the UK’s highest summit Ben Nevis on Saturday – raising nearly £3000 for Marie Curie in the process! Thank you to all of our patients, friends and family for the generous donations – all very welcome. For anyone who would still like to contribute, our donation page will be open for another couple of days and can be found here:

I really enjoyed it but I never want to hear the phrase ‘nearly there’ again. This was used an awful lot on Saturday and 99% of the time it was a total lie. I found myself automatically spreading the fake news to people on my way back down though. “Nearly there” I said smugly as I passed by people on their way up – knowing full well they were absolutely not nearly there. Unfortunately this tactic came back to bite me as the further we got down and the car park came into view, it then seemed to stop getting any closer for the next 2 hours at least. ‘Nearly there’ we were saying to each other while scratching our heads and staring at the car park mirage…

The views were similar in the sense that 99% of them were not so great, basically nothing but feet and rocks for most of it, but when we got the chance to look up that other 1% was absolutely stunning and well worth it:

Raashi and I had a well deserved Chinese takeaway once we got back and even went for the double whammy and had the leftovers for lunch the next day – probably undoing all of our hard work calorie wise! I try not to count calories too often to be honest as I find it too depressing, 50 calories on the running machine/rower/bike feels like so much hard work, a total graft – and it’s about the equivalent of the head of a Freddo – which is gone in seconds! Not fair.

This week it seems our summer has finally arrived with a 2 day heat wave on the cards. Proper taps aff weather. It’s hard to know if this is just summer finally here, or is 30 degrees in Glasgow a worrying sign of climate change? Taps aff for us normally starts at about 19 degrees and cloudy. At 30 degrees sunshine we’re really approaching taps back oan and stay in the shade kind of weather!

Thankfully all our surgeries and waiting area are fully air conditioned – for 2 days a year it comes in very handy indeed. That’s taps oan for all our patients and staff!

Thanks again to everyone for all the kind donations, very much appreciated! Here’s that link again for anyone that can still contribute:


Take care in the sun and have a good week all,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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