31 years young!

Its been a good week finishing up my paternity leave and ‘celebrating’ turning 31 on Friday.

My family are also over from Ireland so its been great having everyone about. My mum has even managed to tidy the house, make dinners, babysit and walk our dog Fergie (named after the greatest manager of all time.)

Back to work tomorrow which Im looking forward to.  We just had a new computer system installed while I was off and its going to be a great improvement for our practice. We’re bound to have teething issues with it though (no pun intended) so I appreciate everyones patience and understanding in the short term.

In the spirit of new babies our monthly competition is to have a guess at pairing our staffs current photos with their baby photos, there is a £1 entry fee with all proceeds going to Marie Curie. For those who read this I will offer a clue that I am not the little girl with the black fringe despite some previous guesses 😉

We’ve decided to partner with Marie Curie in Balornock for the year and will be running more fundraisers and volunteering throughout 2019. Did you know it costs £20,000 to run Marie Curie Hospice per day, with only £9000 in gov funding coming in!

We’ll do our bit to help and appreciate everyones contributions so far! The generosity from our patients at Christmas time for the food bank donations was overwhelming – thank you all so much for this.

Also, I noticed the ’10 year challenge’ on FB this week and found a few beauties of myself and Raashi from back then.


10 years on were plus 2 and a Dog. And minus that shirt and necklace! What a journey its been, heres to the next 10!


Have a good week everyone,







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