Winter warmer Irish stew recipe

So it looks like we might be set for more snow this week coming.

On Wednesday just gone Raashi’s mum slipped on the ice outside our house, fell and broke her wrist. Such a shame for her as it seems like she’s in a lot of pain. Its also so tough to do anything one handed so she’s staying with us while she recovers. Its nice to be able to look after her and let her rest as she’s always done so much for everyone else.

Ive been trying to find someone to re-do our steps at the front of our house as they’re a bit hazardous so if anyone knows someone who can do that please let me know.

When it gets quite cold it usually puts me in the mood to make a big pot of Irish stew, which I think ill do this week.

Its my Granda’s recipe and I absolutely love it. Now Im no Gordon Ramsay so it suits my style of cooking as its pretty much throw it all into the pot and wait. If anybody is interested in giving it a go here it is: (ps I don’t bother weighing anything I just throw it all in!)

  1. Minced beef into the pot
  2. Cut up some sausages and throw them in too (I prefer beef sausages)
  3. Cover the meat with boiling water
  4. Salt and pepper
  5. Throw in a chopped onion
  6. Carrots in
  7. Garlic, chilli and mixed herbs in.
  8. Add a couple of beef oxo cubes into the mix
  9. Curry Powder in there (this is the key ingredient!)
  10. Peel and chop the potatoes in half then pile them up to the top of the pot. Don’t worry that theres no water covering them.
  11. Leave that on a low heat for ages.
  12. At the end if its thick enough your good to go, if its quite watery just add some thick beef gravy to the mix.

Have that with a bit of nice bread for a dipper! For some reason its always better the next day too.

The photo doesn’t look that appealing but trust me its delicious!



Careful on the Ice and have a good week everyone!





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