How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

Feeling very refreshed today after a 10 hour sleep last night! Our new baby Sienna is starting to sleep for a bit longer at the moment which is great, and when she does wake up I do feel a bit guilty for nodding back off to sleep but (un)fortunately I don’t have the tools required for breastfeeding.

Normally I would get up with our eldest daughter Mila when she wakes up, this morning that was at 7.30am and although I did try to convince her back to go back to sleep, she was having absolutely none of it. She was ready for the day ahead. Thankfully so too was Raashi (somehow!) which meant I was able to lie in until 10am – bliss!

It was lovely to then head out for a late breakfast with our friends Claire, Jez and their son Jack who are over visiting from my home town, Belfast. We went to a place on Great Western Road called Public House by Nico. Definite 5*’s from me.

IMG_8680 2

The menu all sounded delicious, and I’m sure everyone will sympathise that when your hungry its hard to pick just one thing. I wanted all of it. I decided not to ask the waiter what he would recommend and settled for the Full Scottish (minus the mushrooms of course).

Looking back I realised that having so many options can be confusing. Scrambled, fried, poached or benedict??

It got me thinking maybe this is what its like for our patients. After presenting all the options I usually get asked ‘what would you recommend?’

I always try to empathise with my patients, by putting myself in their shoes and asking ‘if I was in this situation what would I do?’

I’m happy to give those suggestions but ultimately the choice is always yours. Our staff will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you aren’t sure about whats on our menu please just ask, our signature dish will always be friendly advice.


Have a good week everyone,



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