New Years Resolutions Out The Window?

New years resolutions. Who has managed to survive past January and is still going strong with them? Raashi and I wrote ours on a piece of paper and signed it, then stuck it to the fridge as a constant reminder for ourselves to try to stick to them.

Among others they are:

Me:          Get up at 6.30am every (work) day, do any admin tasks then have breakfast. (I don’t always eat breakfast and doing admin in the morning means I have more free family time in the evenings after work)

Raashi:     No McDonalds for the year

Both:        Eat healthier more often, exercise at least once per week and keep Screen time limited to 30mins max on social media and only essential apps 10pm-7am (essential being calls and alarm)

The 1st and 2nd Jan obviously don’t count but we then got off to a flying start on the 3rd and 4th. Two solid days of sticking to it. Our beautiful second baby girl Sienna then arrived on the 5th. At that time I thought it was fair to take 2 weeks paternity/maternity privileges but unfortunately since then we’ve not really got back to it.

Having said that, this week I did manage a light jog at lunch time on Thursday. Sadly it was because of the rain I was forced to run to and from McDonald’s for my McChicken sandwich meal.  To be fair to Raashi she has stuck to that one. I made no such promises in relation to the Golden Arches as I knew I’d fail.

The phone one is a great idea, the problem is it’s too easy to click ‘remind me in 15minutes’ when your phone notifies you its time to stop procrastinating.

Exercise wise we both used to play team sports. Such an easy and enjoyable way to keep fit. And you push yourself because you don’t want to let your team mates down! Injuries and time mean we can’t really commit to that any longer so it’s a case of trying to go to the gym when we can. Personally I absolutely hate going to a gym. I find it boring and in the absence of team mates my routine is to pretend to work hard for 30 minutes then go for a sauna/steam. Sometimes I used to go and completely skip the first part and head straight for the sauna steam, coming out feeling refreshed having convinced myself it was a ‘good sesh’ that day.

We have been making plans to relocate our practice and in the new premises I am planning for plenty of parking but also a bike shed and shower so we can all cycle to work. In the mean time if anyone has any good ideas of how to keep fit easily i’m all ears!


We made some New years resolutions/targets at work too and with the benefit of teamwork we’ve been doing really well on this front.

One of these was to raise £1000 for Marie Curie Hospice in Balornock, so far we’re at roughly £100 which has actually been from our patients kindly donating £1 to enter our competition this month.

We’ll announce the winner of this next week so keep an eye on our FB page – someone will win one of our professional tooth whitening kits worth £250!

Here’s the challenge if anyone wants to have a go – match up the baby photos to the team members. You can donate on FB although they set the minimum donation to £4, so you can enter x4 or alternatively you can enter in practice too.



I hope you are all doing well sticking to your own resolutions, if not maybe we can all share a ‘starting again from now’ challenge 😉


Have a good week everyone,





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