Setting Challenges..

This Friday night we enjoyed a team night out to 29 in Glasgow city centre. The occasion was a celebration of successfully completing our practice inspection (which comes along every 3 years) and to thank all our staff for working so hard lately. Our new computer system is amazing although its been a steep learning curve to get to grips with and everyone has really mucked in with it – so it was nice to pay a small thanks to our amazing team.

My mum was over visiting from Belfast on Friday so we even had a free babysitter for the night. The best bit about that was the 12pm lie in for me on Saturday and the fact that mum literally volunteered to change nappies when required. When its a number 2, Raashi and I sometimes try to negotiate who’s on duty for the task ahead, so the words “let me change it” from mum were music to my ears! 😉


Friday was good fun and I am looking forward to our next team event. We’re working on a fundraiser for Marie Curie in the near future so that should be great too with what we have lined up.

On Thursday this week we took it in turns to help raise funds at the Tesco in Springburn. I couldn’t believe the generosity of everyone, Marie Curie haven’t counted it yet but I was overwhelmed by the fact so many people stopped to put change in and chat to us. Our tubs were all full! One person even gave me a £10 note which I was quite smug about, until just before we left, deep into injury time, my collection partner Gemma scored a winner with a £20 donation from a very generous lady! A small part of me was jealous that she had secured the biggest donation, but it was lovely to see how much people appreciate the work that Marie Curie do.

Looking ahead to next week its pancake Tuesday, and i’m excited as i’ve got big plans to eat hundreds of them, ideally covered in chocolate. After that I am adamant that i’m going to start eating healthier and exercising more often. I’ve been trying for ages so this is finally it im telling myself (touch wood/fingers crossed and praying emoji!)

Religious or not, lent is normally a good time to set up new challenges or give things up.  I hope the team at work can help me out on this front by hiding any chocolate biscuits we have lying about in the staff room, or eating them before I get the chance to. Similarly, if you’ve been too anxious to book an appointment for a while, why not set yourself the challenge to do it over lent. We’d all be delighted to see you!


Have a good week everyone,








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