Summer is Coming..?

Its nice to wake up to a bank holiday Monday this morning. Although how did it get to May already?! Hopefully ‘Summer is coming!’

Last week I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Edinburgh at a dental implant congress. It was basically a series of lectures from some of the best international speakers in implant dentistry, along with an exhibition from the implant companies showing off their latest equipment/gadgets. As a true geek it was very good to be there and learn from some of the best in the world, of course the free bar on the Thursday night wasn’t too bad either. IMG_4043.PNG

I had the opportunity to sample some of the intra-oral scanners at the exhibition, these are basically used so that we don’t need to take ‘impressions’ of your mouth any more. None of that gooey material going down the back of the throat, instead a very small camera takes a scan of the teeth and we can use this to plan treatment or make crowns, invisible braces, veneers and implant teeth! Our practice is committed to using technology to our advantage where possible, for example we recently invested in new wireless signature pads for treatment plans, medical histories etc. to help us get one step closer to being completely paper free. An intra-oral scanner will definitely be our next step towards improvement. Not only is it a lot more comfortable for our patients, and more environmentally friendly by decreasing our use of plastics,  but it’s more accurate too – giving us a better standard of treatment! Its an absolute no brainer and I cant wait to invest!

…Although for any dental reps who are reading this then i’m not that keen and it will need to be a very good deal if we’re to go for it 😉

The rest of the day for us involves some DIY about the house, a dog walk, and when its nap o’clock for the girls Raashi and I will probably try and squeeze in last nights episode of Game of Thrones!


Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday everyone,










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