Bring back button-ups!

Had  a week off the blog last week as it was Easter and I was also suffering with a severe dose of man flu, thankfully all recovered now.

I spent Easter Saturday at Gleneagles golfing with friends as part of a friends birthday gift. It was stunning, such a beautiful course, great service, weather was perfect and to top it all off we had some nice cold beers on the buggy.  The golfing ability on show was absolutely bang average at best but even that was more than I was hoping for. Sunday and Monday were spent chilling in the sunshine and we had the first BBQ of the year at a Friends house. Which reminds me, if anyone knows where I can get some BBQ gas canisters please let me know.

Its not as ‘taps aff’ this weekend so I think we’ve got some shopping for new kids shoes on the cards today. We’ll be hunting for a bargain but recently some of the girls at work have been telling me that people are now spending £600+ on trainers these days! Its crazy how fashion desires change among the generations. In my early adolescent days you would be completely on point (or on fleek as its now known) with a pair of £35 Adidas button up track suit bottoms. I was ridiculed for my Umbro ones but at least they didn’t actually unbutton all the way up – so I had the last laugh when there was an un-buttoning attack. Raashi tells me she had a pair of Kappa ones, although in my neck of the woods that was known as Krappa.

Im glad I missed out on the extortionate shoe trend and i’m hoping that by the time my girls are older its gone full circle and I can hoke out the old button ups for another run. Hopefully by then Kappa will even be cool, if it will be cool to say cool that is.

Dentistry can have its own trends too. Certain treatments will come and go in popularity but at the core is a good trusting relationship with your dental practice and staff. We’re all about building long term trusting relationships and getting to know our patients so that we can help provide the right treatment for you at the right time, despite any trends.

To make the most of our Sunday we’ll be bringing the rest of our older clothes to a charity shop later, and keeping one eye out for any spare button ups while were there!

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 12.59.57


Have a good week everyone,








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