A win for TWDC at The Open (wide)

Had a very nice weekend kicking things off with a meal at Castle Terrace in Edinburgh on Friday night with Raashi.

Raashi got some vouchers for her 30th last year and we just managed to get to use them before they expired. The food was absolutely amazing. It was a tasting menu with a wine package so each course was a mini surprise with a pairing glass of wine. They even had a ‘sommelier’ who described the wines to us in great detail as he brought them over. I felt a bit bad for him as he spent a good 2-3 minutes describing every detail of the wine, the whole journey from the grape to the glass, clearly having researched and memorised it very well. Raashi and I are unfortunately not connoisseurs  though,  so he could have saved a lot of time by just summarising it into ‘this ones red, that ones white.’

After work on Saturday morning we chilled in the afternoon before going to the other end of the culinary spectrum with a Chinese takeaway for dinner. Castle Terrace definitely deserve their Michelin star for the tiny plates of deliciousness but if I could chose my last meal, every single time it would be a chicken curry with fried rice, salt and chilli chips, salt and chilli chicken & chow mien all crammed into 1 giant prawn cracker accompanied with the best paired wine, chateaux de diet iron bru.

After an early night on Saturday I was fresh for a round of golf this morning, teaming up with our dentist Laura against our colleagues and friends Samad and Paul from Carntyne and Tollcross Dental. I hit the jackpot with the team mate as Laura has previously represented Ireland playing golf, so safe to say she’s not bad at all! It was helpful to get some feedback on my golf skills and very nice of her to carry me through the round to a victory for TWDC. I think ill return the favour for our next round and just carry Laura’s clubs.


Speaking of feedback, at work we’re nearing 100 reviews on google now. A massive thank you to our patients for that as it really helps us to improve the service that we offer when we know what were doing well or where we can do better! Looking forward to celebrating a night with our staff when we reach 100!


Have a great week everyone,








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