A Seaweed Bonanza

Spent this bank holiday weekend back in Ireland at my parents caravan just outside Newcastle, County Down. We decided to take the boat back this time so we could take our wee dog Fergie with us. The boat was a lot smaller than I remember from my Uni days, yet it still seems to take the same ridiculous amount of trucks. There must have been at least 50, plus 100 odd cars and hundreds more people, …im still baffled as to how it actually floats.

Somehow we made it safely across on Friday evening and headed straight for the caravan. There may have been 1 small pit stop for some Rockshore (delicious Irish Lager) on the way.

We met up with our friends Claire, Jez and their son Jack on Saturday. Jack and our daughter Mila are great friends so it was nice for them to have fun together eating their weight in ice cream and running around. Randomly Jez had booked the both of us in for a seaweed bath for an hour on the Saturday. Initially I thought it was a joke but it turns out it was actually real so I was glad I brought my swimming shorts and some emergency Rockshore just incase. What was more surprising was how busy the place was, they had a lot of baths and it was basically 1 in 1 out! I should point out the seaweed and water were replenished after each bath.

The staff told me it may be good for hair growth so with my balding on top I had no choice but to jump in and try it.  Pre sea weed bath there was the optional ‘steam room’ or ‘steam box’. It’s hard to explain what it was so I think it really needs the photo:


Despite laughing at how random it was for the first 30 minutes, the second half was actually pretty nice. Jez even took a ‘seaweed takeaway’ to try at home. I can’t say it did much for the hair but my skin felt good afterwards.


I used up the rest of my annual seaweed quota with some lovely walks along the beach, all in making it a very relaxing weekend.

Im feeling re-energised and looking forward to getting back to work where we have our new dentist Kamal starting full time this week. He’s very down to earth and im sure all our patients will get along very well with him!


See(weed) you all soon,













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