This week we sat our youngest daughter Sienna down and said “listen your 6 months old now Sienna, it’s time you moved out of our room and found your own place.” She took it quite well to be fair, found a lovely wee room just a couple of doors down and negotiated an 18 year rent free lease. It was sad to see her go, (they grow up so fast) but it was nice to be able to talk at normal volume, use the electric toothbrush, and have the lights on when getting changed for bed in our own room again.

We’ve been trying to get her down a wee bit earlier to get her used to her new spot, allowing us time to watch love island. I’ve been trying my hardest not to watch it but I keep getting sucked in. It always starts with me sitting beside Raashi with my laptop open catching up on emails or admin, then ill ask her briefly about who’s who and go back to emails. This will go on back and forth for a while until the laptop finally gets shut and eventually i’m asking Raashi why she didn’t pause it while I was at the toilet! So if you’re wondering why I’ve been slow to reply to your email lately, I’m sorry but my heads been turned – it is what it is.

One good thing to come from Love island is the water bottles which we have decided to invest in for all the staff at work. I found myself drinking too much coffee during the day (booked in with our therapist Andrea this week for my airflow stain removal!) so now i’m cutting right back on that and have had at least 3 or 4 bottles of water instead. Few more trips to the loo to put up with but I actually feel much better for it.



Back to work tomorrow where as always we are accepting new patients, both NHS and private, so if you’re thinking of re-coupling with a new dentist, give us a call on 0141 5573488.

Have a good week everyone










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