Glasgow Fair Festivities

Glasgow fair presented us with an opportunity to get the boat back to Ireland this weekend and we’ve spent it at my parents caravan in County Down. The views and the weather have been absolutely amazing.  Friday night we arrived late so it was a netflix and chill evening. (I’ve been informed by our staff that can mean something else but I literally mean we watched netflix and chilled.)

On Saturday Raashi and I went for a ‘run’ on the beach. That’s intentionally in inverted commas as it was definitely more a brisk walk. Regardless we used that to help justify the afternoon of bbq and beers on the decking. On Saturday night my dad and I went to the pub down the road for one or two, but found ourselves still talking absolute rubbish at a ‘lock in’ at 3am.

So breakfast on Sunday consisted of Paracetamol and toast followed by a dip in the ‘swimming pool’ as my daughter Mila called it, more commonly known as the sea. Of course it was absolutely freezing so if the breakfast of champions didn’t quite cut it the swimming pool certainly did. Here’s my attempt at body boarding/surfing/I don’t know what:


We watched the Wimbledon final in the evening before heading back up to Belfast. What a game it was. The stamina of Rodger Federer at 37 is outstanding. I wonder how many brisk walks he has had to do to get to that kind of level? Astonishing achievement from both players to be honest, fair play to them!


We’ll be getting the boat back to Scotland today, though I suppose I could save some money and body board over instead 😕. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday today everyone, we’re open until 8pm tomorrow if anyone needs to get in touch!








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