Role reversal- my turn to be the patient!

So I had a taste of what it’s like to be a patient at our practice myself this week as I had to book in with Laura and Danielle to change one of my fillings. We took an x-ray a few weeks ago and noticed that my silver filling had some decay under it, probably something to do with the snickers ice creams that I’ve been addicted to lately.

It was strange to lie in the chair as opposed to sit behind it but the different perspective helped me notice a few things I wouldn’t have picked up on otherwise. Number 1: Our ‘where’s Wally’ posters on the ceiling are near impossible to crack. It is possible to find Wally’s girlfriend, Wilma, but Wally himself is illusive from the chair. Only 1 person has ever managed to find him and I see now what an achievement that was. I might actually give her a call and ask her to find my missing hair at the top 😏

Secondly, Laura has mad numbing skills. Didn’t feel a thing except for a gradually more numb cheek. Finally our new noise cancelling headphones make such a difference. I had my favourite tunes blasting the whole time and was actually kind of disappointed when my filling was over. (I accidentally left my phone connected so Laura’s next patient got an earful of Irish folk music and 90’s dance anthems – ‘my 2 alter ego’s’ as Laura put it.

Thankfully I’ve got another filling to be replaced in a few weeks which i’m actually looking forward to now. Im also looking forward to a few more snickers ice creams until then and after that ill cut back 🤥

By the way my filling looks amazing (see our facebook yesterday) and has been totally pain free – smashing job so big thanks to Laura and Danielle for sorting me out. 😁



Forgot to get a selfie during my appointment and thats the only photo of myself and Laura I could find- ‘filling’ ourselves up at McD’s!

Off to softplay now for me..

Have a good week everyone,
















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