‘Partying’ all weekend

Not long back from a spin class today for the first time in a couple of years. They’re so tough but great exercise. At one point though I had to go out for a lie down in the corridor outside the spin room as I thought I was going to faint. Thankfully I didn’t but when I went back in there was definitely some pretending to add resistance going on.

Raashi and I are taking turns to go out today as we’ve been quarantined for the past few days with our daughter Mila who has chicken pox. Such a wee shame for her as she’s got them really bad. We think she’s over the hump of it though and we’re kind of hoping our other daughter Sienna just gets them now too so they’re over and done with. One of our patients told me this week that some Americans have created ‘chicken pox parties’ for this reason. Here’s me thinking my partying days were behind me but it seems there’s a whole new level of partying I’ve still got to do. So if anyone’s interested let us know, we’ll be partying through the night, we’ll supply the snacks and don’t worry if you don’t have any immunity as you’ll get a free virus on the house.

To keep ourselves going we’ve downloaded Toy story 1, 2 and 3 and stocked up on the ice cream. Spanish Buzz Lightyear and Ken (Barbie’s Ken) are the best characters. (Toy story 4 was no where near as good by the way, we took the girls to the cinema to see that a couple of weeks ago).  So any time Mila suggests that we watch ‘Paw patrol’ or ‘Barbies dream world’ I manage to convince her that what I have on offer is so much better. ‘Storks’ on netflix comes highly recommended on that front too by the way. Ill see if I can get that onto our video goggles at work actually as its definitely an all ager.

Anyway back to Toy Story for me as both girls now up from their naps and literally climbing on me:

IMG_1096 2.JPG


Have a good week everyone,











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