£115 of £300 – almost half way!


Got back from holiday in Turkey on Saturday morning in the early hours, had such a nice time away with the family and would definitely go back to the same resort.  The best bit was the things to do for kids. There was so much stuff for them and the kids club even included a fake mini hospital, fire station, ice cream factory and a dentist! All the kids were able to dress up and play pretend.

Obviously I was drawn to the dental practice and I was really impressed with the attention to detail. Couldn’t help but notice a few things that wouldn’t have passed a practice inspection though so I’ve passed our practice manager Sharon’s details on to the hotel to help out on that front 🙂

Our daughter Mila and our friends son Jack were absolutely loving it though, so if your thinking of going to Turkey to get your veneers done, just hold off until we get them through the practice inspection then book in. 😆

There was plenty of stuff for adults too though and one night we enjoyed a show from Moscow’s state circus. Here’s a clip of just one of the acts:

I can imagine being that lady’s dentist: “So how did you chip your tooth? ”

‘Well, I was biting this soft ball……..’

It was an all inclusive resort so we spent most of it ‘eating like pac-man’ as my mum puts it. Im actually looking forward to eating normally again this week.

I would say the only slight negative was the queuing system, or lack thereof. Whether it was for an omelette or a mojito there was a lot of bunking going on. And the staff were just serving rather than saying  ‘who’s first?’, or whatever that might be in Turkish. By the way in Ireland thats ‘who’s next?’ – took me a while to clock on to it when I was in my first queue after moving across the water. I remember looking around thinking ‘well im not first, probably like 4th or 5th but I’d say its my turn.’

Whether its ‘first’ or ‘next’ I think its an Irish/Scottish/British thing that we all just politely wait our turn though.  Maybe this is what Obama mean’t when he said we’d be at the back of the queue after Brexit 🤔

It does ‘cue’ me in to remind everyone of our staff  charity walk from Milngavie to Balmaha next Saturday 14th Sept. Our target is to raise £300 for Marie Curie in Balornock and so far we are at £115. Did you know it costs Marie Curie Balornock £9,896 per day to run the hospice?! They are only partially government funded and rely on the generosity of the public to allow them to continue providing care and support for people and families with terminal illness.

We are trying to do our small bit to help them (£300 will provide over 15 hours of nursing support in someones home through the night)  – you’ll notice us breaking in our walking shoes in work this week so please help us out to reach our target by clicking the link in the comments section of this post, any donations are much appreciated! 🙌🏼


Have a good week everyone,


















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