All for a good cause!

Feeling a bit tender today after our sponsored charity walk for Marie Curie yesterday. I genuinely thought that It would be much easier than it was, even going so far as calling it a ‘stroll’ before we started. But I don’t think ill underestimate walking again after that!

We kicked off from Balmaha at 9.15am and went straight up Conic Hill. It was very steep and less than 10 minutes in the sweat was on and jackets were off. Worrying start considering we knew there was at least 8-9 hours to go. Didn’t take long to get to the top of Conic Hill though and the views were absolutely brilliant – Scotland is an absolute beaut 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


We ploughed on and eventually stopped for lunch at Drymen at around 1.30pm, at this point I remember thinking I have never really appreciated the humble work of a chair enough, never will I take them for granted again! We later regretted the pitt stop as it probably added 2 hours on to our overall time as we took a bit of a long cut to get back on track. Id say when we do the walk again next year ☺️ we’ll stay on the path and stick to a packed lunch.

Post lunch was a tough shift as thats when the first blisters started to appear. At about 5pm we were really starting to struggle and played some games to keep us going. The alphabet game of naming countries beginning with ‘A’ (and so on) was brought out.  First answer being ‘Asia’ tells you we were on the ropes 😆

We tried to keep our instagram story updated throughout but theres definitely a few conflicting ‘instagram versus reality’ photos from around about this time.

I remember feeling really weak like I could fall over and then looking in total awe at the two pregnant walkers Raashi and Lorna. If I was struggling to carry water and Percy Pigs how were they coping carrying other tiny humans!?

Mentally it was taking its toll towards the end as everyone we passed in the opposite direction kept saying ‘2 hours’ to Milngavie. This happened over a 4 hour period. It didn’t make sense as we were still walking  – someone was clearly moving Milngavie further away! It was soul destroying.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity though we raised so much money (TBC but over £1k at this point!) for Marie Curie Glasgow and this helped us dig in and finish it off just before 8pm to Milngavie.

Although painful it was good fun and im really proud of and thankful to all our staff for doing it. Such a good team effort.

Forgive us tomorrow if we’re coming out to the waiting room on chairs to call our patients in 😁


Have a good week everyone,










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