No more Trains ðŸš‚

I felt like a small child at Christmas this week as my new loupes were delivered on Monday after a long wait. Loupes are the magnification glasses some dentists wear to help us see better and in more detail. I went for a pretty powerful magnification and they’re absolutely class. I can see so well with them and if I had arms long enough I think I could honestly sit at the other side of the room and still do a very thorough dental exam.

On Tuesday I was in Manchester again for my 3rd and final visit in 2 weeks for a dental implant course. It was also really good. So much free food and drink; pizza, pasta, sandwiches, crisps, chocolates, sweets, tea/coffee & even beer. The actual course itself wasn’t too bad either.

I had quite a late train home that evening and was due to change at Preston. My new loupes let me down big time though as I didn’t actually see that we passed Preston and by the time I noticed we were at ‘Poulton-Le-Fylde’. A quick google search told me I was still 192 miles from home. A quick train search told me there was only 1 left – going to Liverpool! Nightmare!🤦🏻‍♂️


Panic set in as I realised my options were severely limited. It was 10pm and I knew I was starting work at 8am the next day.  I could make it back to Preston on the last train, but not in time for any other trains to Glasgow. I even searched for flights from Liverpool & hiring a car. Nothing there. There was a bus leaving at 2am but not getting in until 6am. I would have had to take the morning off.  I finally accepted defeat and started to look for hotels to stay and get the 5.40am train back up (arriving too late to work) but by the time I paid for the hotel and a new train ticket it made more sense to get a taxi.

So £250 later I was home safe in bed.😳😩

I’m sure I was texting my friend Jamie as we went by Preston. Safe to say thats the most expensive text I’ve ever sent. I’ll be sending the invoice to Jamie.

Thankfully there was a nice positive end to the week as TWDC was shortlisted for the overall UK dental awards in best practice, best team and best patient care categories.😄

The Dentistry Scotland awards are on the 1st November in the Glasgow Marriott, and the UK dental awards are in Leicester on the 22nd. I’ve decided against getting any more trains any time soon so Laura and Danielle will be travelling down to represent TWDC at the UK awards and Raashi and I will go to the Glasgow one with some of the rest of the team. So glad to be shortlisted and really hoping we can take a trophy home!

Speaking of trophies my beloved Man United used to win them all the time but today Liverpool are in town so i’ll be spending most of it hiding behind the sofa.


Have a good week everyone,












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