(re)location, (re)location, (re)location

I was back in Manchester this week for the second of three visits in as many weeks on dental courses. This one was from a dental business coach and focused on personal development and time management. I had to go down late on Tuesday night after work, arriving to the hotel around midnight. It would have been so much handier to go down the next morning but that meant I would have been 30 minutes late.  Our nurse Danielle thankfully pointed out the irony in that to me before I booked any trains. 🤷🏻‍♂️

The rest of the week was quite busy so it was nice to chill last night at home. Raashi and I watched a really good film called ‘Lion’, a true story about a boy from India who gets lost at the age of 4, is subsequently adopted and moves to New Zealand. 25 years later he manages to track down his family after 2 years of searching on google earth. Sorry I realise I’ve totally just spoiled that film for those who haven’t seen it yet ☺️

As most of you know by now we are doing a relocation for TWDC too. I can promise you a much easier and quicker google maps search for the new premises as it’s just across the road from where we are currently.

Here it is:

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 12.48.36.png

That house next door to the church will be the new Tiwari Watson Dental Care.

Work will start very soon and we ar hoping to be in by Feb or March 2020. We’ll also be leasing out our current premises around the same time. Ideally I’d love a Greggs to come in, or it would be great if McDonalds fancied relocating too as the idea of moving 100 yards further away is heartbreaking 💔

If anyone’s interested in the space please let us know!

Have a good week everyone,






2 thoughts on “(re)location, (re)location, (re)location”

  1. Fabulous news about expansion, expansion, expansion and (re)location, (re)location (re)location. Does that mean better parking, parking, parking?


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    1. Hi Elizabeth hope your well,
      Yes really looking forward to the move! Sadly there probably wont be better parking at the location itself but plenty very close by – which overall will be easier for everyone. You’ll see what I mean soon, hoping to be in Feb/March 2020.

      Look forward to seeing you soon,
      Kind regards,


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