Darts! Darts! Darts!

I was off work on Monday this week and Raashi was working in Edinburgh (she’s been doing IV sedation for another dental practice now and again), so I took the girls to the transport museum for something to do. The plan was to go swimming but our youngest daughter Sienna had a bit of a bad cold so that was ruled out. Plus it takes way too long to change two kids after swimming when your by yourself anyway, especially now that Sienna has realised she can crawl and kick away during the nappy change! What a nightmare that is when your trying to wipe poo off her back and she’s trying to escape btw.

When our 3rd arrives I’d say swimming will be limited to the bath until everyone can change themselves.

The transport museum was really good though. Sienna can only say 1 word ‘Hiya’ so she spent most of the time shouting that to people and Mila was pretending to drive old trams, subways, trains and even petting very real looking horses. Good food and great parking too. Best of all it was free in! Highly recommend – p.s. Not on commission (not that I would be making much anyway)

The rest of the week was a busy one at work and we’re nearly finished the design for our new signage for the new premises. Im hoping for that to go into production soon so keep your eyes peeled along the main road for when it goes up! Here’s a sneak peek for now:

Final design tbc

This weekend we’ve came down to Northumberland to visit our friends Paul and Faith and their kids Alice and Rory, aswell as friends Rosa & Dave. It’s been nice to catch up and the kids have really enjoyed playing table tennis, trampolining and even playing darts together:

Myself, Paul (celebrating his winπŸ™„) & Dave.

Our daughters really enjoyed spending time together too. 😏

I picked the Australian darts in honour of my younger brother Nathan who has his first professional boxing fight in Melbourne at the end of the month. I hope he’s able to hit the target more efficiently than I did this weekend!

En route back to Glasgow now, girls have just fallen asleep. Fingers crossed that lasts so we don’t have to listen to Paw Patrol all the way back.🀞🏼

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

Tiwari Watson Dental Care
G21 1UU

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