The brakes are off..

Today our eldest daughter Mila turns 3. Amazing how fast thats gone in! We got her a little bike which we didn’t know had to be built on delivery. So last night I was up trying to sort that out and I only found the instruction sheet when I was already ‘finished’. In typical male fashion it might not have been looked at anyway to be fair. I’ll be back to the drawing board today though as the front brakes aren’t on right.

I’m convinced they were already on upside down and that it’s been set up wrong from the start but unfortunately past experience with ikea tells me otherwise. So many times I’ve been building something and came across a part that just doesn’t seem to fit right, i’ll try to force it in anyway, as you do, but then i’ll give up after establishing that the whole thing must be a dud and will need to be returned. Eventually it will dawn on me that in fact I’ve put something on back to front or inside out. Or alternatively the whole process can go smoothly and i’ll have it ‘built’ easy peasy, but there’ll be a spare shelf or an important looking bolt still lying around at the end.

So i’m not blaming the bicycle company just yet until I read those instructions properly – and next time i’ll be buying the display model.🤦🏻‍♂️

Thankfully Mila cleaned up on the pre built toys bought by family and friends. We’ve got Woody and Slinky from Toy Story, and she’s also running around in a full Elsa from Frozen outfit, crown and all. Co-incidentally it is absolutely baltic outside but if I can fix those brakes we’ll be out on the bike later, the cold has never bothered her anyway 😏

Happy 3rd to Mila

The brakes are also off with our new premises project as building works officially start tomorrow – looking forward to seeing how it all develops. Our nurse Gemma is working on videos of the process so we can show you all the difference so watch this space.

Have a good week everyone,


Tiwari Watson Dental Care

Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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