#1 IN THE UK!!

So you may have noticed on our social media pages yesterday that we won at the UK dental awards on Friday night! Absolutely buzzing about it. We won Best Team and Best Practice in Scotland, then picked up the overall trophy for Best Team UK and Best Practice UK! 🐝

To make the shortlist for these awards we have to put forward all of our patient feedback, evidence of our best dental work and the differences we have made for our patients, as well as evidence of what our team does to improve patient care thats different from any other dental practice. There are hundreds if not thousands of entries from all over the UK and there were 60 who made it as finalists for best practice and 50 for best team. It was great to even make it as a finalist to be honest, we were delighted with that. But a panel of 22 judges decided we were the #1 best team and best practice in the whole of the UK! We have a saying in Belfast when something like that happens and it goes like this…


The Glasgow version of course has the traditional ‘YA DANCER!’ afterwards.

Raashi and I never made it to the event but Laura and Danielle went to Leicester to represent the whole team and looked like they had a great night and got lots of good photos:

Btw the singing dentist is definitely NOT Laura – I’ve seen her at karaoke.πŸ€­πŸ‘€

Really happy they had such a good night but I must admit I was a bit jealous. While they were having champagne and collecting trophies I was at home having malteasers and watching politics:

I do love malteasers but safe to say I think Danielle and Laura had the better night!

I do want to thank all our staff for the massive effort they put in – we’re very lucky to have such a great team at TWDC. Myself and Raashi have always known and really appreciated that – it’s so nice they now have the recognition not just from us but from colleagues across the UK too! Thank you so much to all of you!

It’s just as well we’re moving premises next year as we’re going to need more space for all our trophies now (and my big head of course ☺️)

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


1 thought on “#1 IN THE UK!!”

  1. I first met rashi as my dentist about 5 years ago , and from that day she made me feel so relaxed about sitting in that dreaded dentist chair , back then I had to be put to sleep just for a filling , years on and with a great team I managed to have a small filling done without having to have my gum numbed . I was very proud of myself for doing that but I couldn’t have got to that stage if it wasn’t for the trust i have in the team ,they make you so welcome when you visit and you feel so at ease , so I just want to thank them all for that .


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