New Year New Start!

Had such a nice Christmas back home in Ireland with family this year. It was the first year our daughter Mila really understood about Santa too so that was nice playing the same old tricks that my parents played on me many years ago.
(Half eaten cookies and crumbs as undeniable proof Santa had in fact been – not sure it would hold up in court, but Mila obviously fell for it. It does make it even more exciting to get up on Christmas morning again now with our own kids and I can see now why my parents didn’t tell me the truth about Santa until I was 18.

There is only a certain of amount of food, drink and TV any human can handle though so obviously on Jan 2nd we boarded the ‘being good/no more rubbish’ train. Last year it was the end of Jan before we alighted from said train and the takeaways were back.

This year the train has barely left the station as we were at the double decker chocolate bars and malteasers last night. It’s ok though as we now know the odd double decker etc wont hurt. I read a book called ‘Why we sleep’ last month and although at times reading the book itself was one of those very reasons, there were some interesting points. The main gist is that chronic under-sleeping (7hours or less) can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing, including our metabolism. So this year one of my new years resolutions is to focus on getting 8 hours of sleep per night and let the 6 pack sort itself out thereafter. Our new baby due in March might have something to say about that right enough.

Another interesting point from the book was to not hit the snooze button in the morning as it’s really bad for your heart – who knew!? I must hit my snooze button about 10 times every morning. The author has a good way of making sure he’s up at the first sign of his alarm though, he sets $20 in his shredder and times it to start at his wake up time. He’s only got a couple of seconds to get up out of bed before it costs him his $20. For the sake of the old ticker I need to find me one of those shredders!

After watching ‘the game changers’ on Netflix, Raashi and I have also decided give the vegan diet a try, at least for January to see how it goes anyway (I need to double check if double deckers are vegan or not). It’s a bit of an eye opener documentary though so i’d definitely recommend watching it.

It’s our youngest daughter Sienna’s first birthday today so we’re heading to soft play then back home for some cake later. (we’ll just start the whole being good/diet malarkey on Monday, to be honest we might as well double down and get one last Chinese takeaway tonight for the road!) ☺️

Barely moved from this position all Christmas – Bliss! Happy 1st to our smallest little Angel!

Work wise our normal hours re-start Monday too, i’m looking forward to our last couple of months in the current premises. We’re aiming to move into new digs by end of March/April – will post a wee update video soon about how the works are coming along.

Have a good week everyone and good luck with your new years resolutions!


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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