Lazy Sunday

Now that we’re back to a normal week it’s nice to actually know what day it is again. Our new years resolutions are going strong 1 week in. One of them is obviously the healthy eating thing that we’re all no doubt doing. Excluding our Chinese last night everything else for the week was good so I reckon we deserved the cheat night. Maybe ‘strong’ is too strong a word to describe our resolution efforts come to think of it though.

I think I might actually have a problem as once we established there was a slight possibility we were having a Chinese takeaway at the weekend I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about salt and chilli chips all week. They did not disappoint either.

To be fair all of our other meals were from Tom Kerridge’s healthy eating cook book which I would definitely recommend. It all needs a bit of preparation and we’ve found ourselves in and out of Asda for more herbs all week, but it is actually tasty stuff; most of it anyway. I think I messed up the corgetti on Thursday night as it wasn’t great but the thought of the impending salt and chili heaven got me through it nonetheless. That and a couple of packets of quavers.

Raashi clearly enjoying the grilled veg with cous cous and profiteroles on the side

Despite the odd slips Raashi and I are really determined to be a bit more disciplined and get our diets sorted/balanced this year. We’re also determined to do the same for our girls so if anyone has any shares in chicken nuggets now’s the time to sell! It’s good to see all the healthy lunches at work in the fridge too so hopefully we can all help each other stay on track.

In the spirit of helping TWDC have decided to donate our community fund to the fire relief in Australia this month. This is a small fund that we donate to local charities or patients/family/friends who are running fundraisers for good causes. (Please let us know if you are running any fundraisers and we’d be happy to help and spread awareness for good causes locally.) Our team decide where it goes each month and although Australia isn’t exactly local we’ve decided to make an exception due to the extent of the problem. I actually have two younger brothers living out there now so i’m hoping they are keeping safe and that the fires relent!

Lazy day planned for us today, we’re currently watching the princess and the frog then out to walk the dog so thats the end of the blog.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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