Stocking up on breakfast

Off to the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews today courtesy of Raashi’s mum Manju as a birthday present for me. We’ve been before and the best thing has to be the breakfast which I absolutely cannot wait for. I never really eat any breakfast at home but we’re at a hotel like this maybe twice a year so I usually just eat enough breakfast then to see me through. Our third baby is due pretty soon so I think our baby free weekends like this are numbered for a while though so I’ve got to make the most of this one, and stock up on my breakfasts for 2020! 😋

Had a good week just passed at work playing with our new scanner which is on loan from the lovely Nicolle at Straumann (dental implant company). It’s used to scan teeth so we don’t need to take any more ‘impressions/moulds’ again. Here’s me with it in action for the first time:

Thanks to our lovely patient Joan for letting us take the photos – we’re laughing here as we’re not actually scanning – just posing! ☺️

It’s tricky to get right at first so I was in full focus concentration mode with no time for photos at the point of actual scanning. Between myself and our nurse Tiegan we got a pretty accurate image in the end – from which our technician makes a new tooth!:

Is it just because i’m a dentist and really like teeth or is that pretty cool?

Our signage also went up at the new premises this week. It’s not quite the right colour so we’ll wait until that’s sorted before showing it to you all. The whole place is starting to take shape now which is exciting. I’d actually like to hear from our patients, if you can think of anything that we should have in our new premises- things that we maybe don’t have at the moment but you would like to see – open to all (realistic) good ideas!

Before leaving for St Andrews i’m off to re chicken wire our back garden so our dog Fergie can’t get out to do his business in the neighbours gardens. I do this on average once a month, as no matter what he finds a new way out. I swear he could break out of or into Barlinnie no bother whatsoever. If you’ve lost keys and can’t get in or can’t remember the code to a safe – speak to Fergie.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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