You know the drill..

Currently en route back to Glasgow on the train from a trip to Manchester to see the (not so) mighty Reds:

My dad and I in what used to be known as the ‘theatre of dreams’ . Theatre of bad dreams these days.

Went with my dad and two friends Jamie and Rory. The match itself was terrible, a boring 0-0, no shots affair. We made up for that with some shots of our own later on which was good fun but we are paying for it now with the sore heads on the train! Looking forward to getting home to a possible Chinese takeaway tonight.

My parents and grandparents are over visiting (and babysitting while I was away) this weekend so it’s been nice to have them over. My grandad was also in for an implant yesterday. Being a joiner I remember him teaching me how to use a drill when I was younger so I guess in some ways that training has paid off now.

I was keen to hear his thoughts on how the new premises build is going too. I got the nod of approval so it must be going well, Raashi was out sorting out the paint colours and decoration this week:

Raashi, our PM Sharon and builder Tommy (this is just after Raashi, 36 weeks pregnant, was climbing the ladder to the top floor! – Sharon and Tommy did try to hold her back to be fair)

In our current premises the sun-bed shop next door to us are actually doing building work of their own just now too and it’s been a little bit noisy so if you are hearing power tools in the waiting room please rest assured it’s definitely not coming from our drills. I think most of the noisy stuff is already done anyway.

Last week we asked for feedback and had a good idea from Gina Gina on our facebook page to install a water supply in the new waiting room so thank you to Gina for that – it’s now literally in the pipeline.

Still keen to hear any other good ideas like this one, really looking forward to welcoming everyone to the new place quite soon now.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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