Pain free home dentistry

Spent a lot of today dozing in and out of sleep in the garden. What a day! Really tried my best to get up and do some exercise but the furthest I got was to get my training gear on then I went back to sit in the exact same spot. I did manage to get the 5k challenge done yesterday though after being nominated by our nurse Danielle so i’m using that to justify doing nothing today. I’m wondering how tight my uniform is going to be by the time we get back to work though. Am I alone on that front? When lockdown started I said to myself I’m going to be so productive > get a few books read, take my old guitar back out and teach myself how to play again, exercise every day, learn new recipes, get all the DIY done.

Sadly a lot of it has been spent watching TV and eating chocolate. That 5k challenge was a godsend to be honest. Thank you Danielle!

I spent yesterday on call (our dentists are taking turns to man (& woman) the phone lines) so it’s nice to get chatting with some of our patients again, particularly those of you who are living alone. I enjoyed hearing how some of you are coping with the lockdown and although we obviously can’t do any treatment the advice seems to be well appreciated and helpful. I should point out that we can still make arrangements for the patients who do really need to be seen at one of the central hubs so please don’t think you have to put up with toothache at the moment, give us a call!

My 3 year old got a gift from her aunty and uncle of a ‘dentist kit’ this week so I’ve been trying to train her up too:

Training has been going well to be fair:

Give it about another 20 years and she’ll be good to go!

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and well, at least we’re set for some more sunshine as we enter week 4 of lockdown. Stock up on the vitamin D while its going and we’re not at work!

Take care and have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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