As you will be aware by now we are moving our premises and the official opening at the new location was supposed to happen in mid April. Obviously with the pandemic that’s all been put on hold just now. In terms of the building works we’re still 1 staircase short but other than that most of the big jobs are done so it’s mainly decorating and tidying bits up that’s left to do.

The dental chairs and x-ray equipment etc are medical devices so they’re the very last items to be installed so there’s absolutely no dust around. Pre lockdown the builders were sometimes a 10 man team and since then they’re down to a 1 man at a time team. So it’s all still progressing but just a bit slower, as for the stairs and chairs – we’re just waiting on engineers coming off furlough to finish those off.

Im very grateful to our staff who have volunteered to do admin from home, shopping for local food banks AND to go into our old premises 1 by 1 to pack things up. I’ve been going over later at night and transferring all the packed boxes over to the new premises. It’s been great teamwork from a very socially distanced team.

We’re hoping to be in a position whereby when dental practices are given the go ahead to open up again we are ready to go, although even if there is a short delay we have teamed up with 5 local dental practices so our patients can still be seen in case of emergencies.

I made the following video tour for our staff in midweek (after accidentally setting the alarm off and alerting the police!🤦🏻‍♂️) but actually thought it would be good to give our patients a sneak peek too:

Getting there!

Hopefully soon we will hear more about what life is going to be like in the near future as we tackle coronavirus and all it’s effects, in the mean time I hope you all stay safe and well – enjoy the lockdown challenges, activities and zoom quizzes!

I actually had a zoom call last night with some friends who complained they ‘never get a mention’ in my blog. So here you go Ewan, Stuart, Charlie & we’ve lost an Andy to poor signal here. Imagine that happened in the pub by the way, if your patter’s poor (that’s craic for the Irish readers!) you just disappear for a while 😆.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

2 thoughts on “VIDEO TOUR OF TWDC”

  1. Loving the updates.

    Just a quick query.

    You just mentioned your staff are shopping for local food banks. Obviously with the practice being shut and we can’t drop something in a box – are you taking a monetary donation to purchase things for the FB? Can send some ££ to a client account if you have one? Stuck in UK as Jordan has closed its border ☹️

    Stay Safe!

    Elizabeth G



    1. Hi Elizabeth hope your well!
      That’s so kind of you to offer, our account is 80-73-31, 10452367 if you’d like to donate there we can add this to our next months community fund which will be for local food banks again! Alternatively we are hoping to be open again soon in which case we you could drop off food Items to the practice that we could forward on. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon,
      Take care,



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