QuaranTea anyone?

This week we enter week #6 of lockdown and come to the governments review date on the 7th May. It’ll be interesting to see at that point what the plan is, as we’ve had a lot of hints about easing the lockdown measures. I think I, along with a lot of others, naively thought at the outset that it might be a case of staying at home for a while then we’d be back to normal work/life. I guess I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead at that point and instead focusing on dealing with the more immediate effects of the stay at home order.

Obviously there have been some slow periods but in general for me, since our practice closed in mid March, I seem to have blinked and it’s May already. I’ve spent a lot of priceless quality time with the family, stripped the living room wallpaper, cleared the garage, exercised (a bit), tried some new recipes and wines, I can also guarantee I’ve eaten more chocolate than anyone and Raashi and I have even managed some online dental webinars.

Fair play to our kettle too as it’s put in some shift for the past 6 weeks, maybe when we’re allowed back to work we can put it on furlough for a while! My tea game is on point though:

QuaranTEA anyone?

Looking ahead we are trying to do what we can to be prepared for returning to work. Dental practices and teams are used to and very well trained in the strictest infection control procedures so I am very confident we will be able to adapt to whatever measures the chief dental officer see’s fit to issue. We’re lucky to have a much bigger premises to be moving into soon so we can respect a 2m social distance between waiting patients. We’ve installed hand sanitisers in the waiting area for use on entry and leaving and we are looking into the reliability of infra-red thermometers for screening patients and staff on entry.

In short we will be taking every possible measure to keep our patients and staff safe.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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