The final straw!

I mentioned in my last blog post that we’d hopefully have a date for opening pretty soon. We’re hoping for that to be on the 15th July now so fingers crossed all our dominoes fall into place for that to happen. Closer to the time we’ll be contacting patients to book appointments from our priority list. Our phone lines are still active for advice, prescriptions and onward referral for treatment if required so please give us a call if needs be. I’d like to kindly ask our patients not to call to book appointments just yet though as we aren’t opening up our books until we have the date confirmed and we don’t want the lines being busy for anyone calling who needs urgent advice or onward referral. Thanks in advance for your co-operation on that.

We’ll be seeing less patients than usual initially, to help with social distancing within the building as much as possible. Hopefully we can also avoid the same scenes as in Soho yesterday for Super Saturday with the pubs re-opening. (I’m not sure people are as excited to see their dentist as they are their local bartender though – wishful thinking perhaps ☺️)

Someone did try to hit two birds with one stone in that sense yesterday right enough….As part of our new security system we have CCTV in place around the building and we watched as a random chap fancied a bottle of echo falls, alone, in the torrential rain, at 1pm up the back of our building.

To be fair I was glad to see he was at least aware of the enamel erosion risk and used straws – if your going to drink an echo falls up the back of a dentist you may as-well do it right.

So fingers crossed for the 15th July, I’m really looking forward to seeing our patients again and hearing how you have spent your last 3-4 months. Take care as things open up again and of-course please remember- always use a straw for fizzy drinks, if there are any left!

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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