Wall ideas welcome!

Unfortunately our planned opening date of 15th July has been delayed and we’re now aiming for the 27th. It’s frustrating as we’re excited to open but we’re having some trouble getting inspections organised. I was going a bit bald on top anyway but that seems to have accelerated lately, fingers crossed it’s all sorted for the end of the month before I go complete spit shine!

We’re still able to help our patients with advice on the phone and onward referral if necessary. We’ve also been meeting quite a few patients outside the new practice to hand out temporary filling kits and cements so if you need any please give us a call.

I’ve enjoyed just chatting to our patients on the phone too as with being in the house & social distancing for so long it’s nice to talk to someone new. I spent 42mins on the phone to our patient Mr B. on Friday, 78 years old and he’s been isolating alone for the past 4 months; barely having left the house at all. We were chatting about how he bought his first flat for £800, (a month’s rent now!) and how he remembers food rationing after the war. Really interesting talking about it as not many of us will have experience of things like that. The current fight against Covid will likely be the most significant event in our lifetimes so far, so I guess in a sense we’re lucky that all we’ve had rationed is our toilet roll for a short time!

I’m looking forward to seeing Mr B again in person and because of his age and medical history we’ll be taking extra precautions to make his journey with us as safe as possible. For example our staff will all be screened daily, we’ll have extra PPE, hand sanitising stations, all our surfaces will be wiped down regularly and our appointments will be scheduled so that Mr B doesn’t come into contact with any other patients.

Rest assured we’ll be taking universal precautions like this for everyone so in my opinion coming to see us will be safer than any supermarket or beer garden.

I’m actually looking for a bit of inspiration for our own back garden at work. We’d like some sort of artwork on this back wall – a bottle of champagne to whoever comes up with an idea that we use:

Just the 1 interesting suggestion from my younger brother Jordan atm so I’m open to hearing a few ‘more PC’ ideas 😆

A couple more weeks of ‘working from home’ for me then before I pass that mantle on to my little shadow:

Currently on furlough at 80% of her usual milk 😆

Have a good week everyone and hope to see you soon,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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