On the hunt for new chips

Just finished my sit up and squat challenge for today. My brother Nathan challenged our whole family to 100 sit ups and 100 squats per day for the month of September. I’ve only missed one day so far, but did double the following day to make up for it. I had hoped to see a 6 pack by now but maybe that was a little ambitious. Guess I’ll have to give up takeaways for that, but with the new coronavirus restrictions announced I really can’t see that happening now. Salt and chilli chips have just became even more important, so I’d keep them and settle for a 1 pack to be honest.

We had a Chinese takeaway on Friday night and the past couple of times I thought I’d noticed an ever so slight variation to their salt and chilli chip recipe. I jokingly said to Raashi that the chef must have been on holiday but we got a leaflet with Friday’s order to say there’s been a change in management. It’s heartbreaking as it took me years to find that one, and sadly the new one just isn’t as good so I’m now on the hunt for a new salt and chilli chip vendor. Any recommendations please let me know. (Sadly we don’t stay close enough to Stan’s)

Bit of a quiet/lazy afternoon for us for the rest of the day. Even Fergie didn’t fancy a walk earlier:

Just don’t poo in the pram Fergs, not without a nappy on anyway.

I was reading today that there may be a risk of another national lockdown, really hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m sure we’ve all been enjoying being back to some form of normality recently. I know we have at our work, and we’re all back to our normal shifts and opening times. Our therapist Rebecca is back doing scaling and polishing too so I’m desperate to get booked in with her myself at some point, going to need all the staining from salt and chilli chip sampling blasted away!

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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