Had a very busy week this week as we’re now back to offering a full range of services. There are still some restrictions on what treatment can be offered on the NHS at the moment but our team will be able to talk you through all the options either on the phone, by email or of course in person at your appointment.

We’re all getting well used to the extra PPE now too. It’s not actually that much different for us as we’re obviously used to it in our line of work, but we’ve got different masks and gowns for any aerosol generating procedures (using the drills and scalers) now. This is Tiegan & I getting all set up for a dental implant procedure during the week:

For dental implants it’s not too different than pre covid to be honest but you will notice that any time we do any of the aerosol type procedures we have to spend a bit of time getting ‘dressed up’ like this in our gowns, masks and visors. Mr Chan’s patients will have noticed he sometimes looks more like an astronaut with all his PPE on 😆.

Spending most of the day in the additional PPE get’s a bit hot too but thankfully all the surgeries have big windows now and we’ve even got air purifiers in every room, including the reception/waiting area.

Our current patients will remember our last place where the surgeries were very small with no windows, so that would have been much more difficult for us to work and to be honest we wouldn’t have been able/allowed to carry out the aerosol procedures at all. What a time to move in the end!

Fingers crossed for a vaccine some time soon so we can all get back to normal. The Russians say they have one already but ironically they seem to be ‘russian’ it through the approval process. I’m ‘haPPE’ to stick with the additional kit for the time being.

Have a good week everyone,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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