See you again soon…

Had a great start to the bank holiday weekend yesterday after my beloved Manchester United scored a winning goal after the final whistle. Football fans used to call that ‘Fergie time’ after our previous influential manager – as we would so often score in the dying minutes of the game; but yesterday took Fergie time to a whole new level. I felt sorry for the opposing team but you know what they say, …”it’s not over until it’s over – but even then it’s still not over as we might still score again..” – or something along those lines. 😏

After a nice long walk in the park we came back home to a family film night – watching ‘Horton hears a Who’ on Disney +:

Don’t Mila’s eye’s look like the πŸ‘€ emoji? πŸ˜†

Even Fergie got his fair share of the popcorn! (That’s our dog btw, unfortunately Sir Alex himself couldn’t make it for Horton hears a who.)

Raashi and I watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ after this and I would encourage you to give it a go. It’s on Netflix but be prepared to delete all of your social media app’s & notifications after it! (Except of-course if you read or write a blog)

‘The Gentleman’ will be up next on our bank holiday movie binge list. We went to see that in the cinema but it’s probably one of my favourite ever films so if you’ve not seen it yet I would definitely recommend you do. Given the local lockdown rules we’ll probably need a new series soon so if you have any suggestions please fire them my way – we’ve ticked off Suits, Breaking Bad, & Selling Sunset ☺️ already.

At work this week I’m hoping to hear a bit more about what treatments might start to be allowed on the NHS again. You’ve probably read in the news that there have been a lot of restrictions up to now on the type of care we can offer. It’s all down to the aerosols that are produced when we use our drills. These tiny droplets are mainly composed of water from our hand-pieces/drills, but mixed with saliva this can theoretically cause a risk to staff. (Remember the saliva is from the patient and if they are Covid positive already this is when there is a theoretical risk for our staff)

Just to be safe we’ve had to invest in different PPE and leave the surgeries empty for a while after aerosol procedures before carrying out our normal decontamination protocol. We’re also screening all patients before and again on arrival so the risk of us seeing an asymptomatic Covid patient is small.

The NHS can’t provide us with all the PPE required to carry on with all types of routine care so that’s why some treatments are available on the NHS at the moment and all treatments are available privately.

I hope that helps explain the current situation for dentistry a bit better although as everything seems to change so quickly that might well be old news by next week!

I’m currently on medical leave (getting a planned operation next week) and will be off work until at least the middle of November so i’ll be taking a break on the blog front too. I managed to see most of my patients for urgent care up to last week so that was great to be able to finish some things off – I’m sorry if I missed anyone.

Our dentists Laura, Kamal and Mr Chan are taking over all patient care for the moment so if you need an appointment please just call us and of-course our whole team will keep everyone updated on any government changes to the provision of dental care.

I look forward to seeing our staff and patients again on my return.

Have a good bank holiday everyone and take care,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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