Boxing, Back to business, and Bent coppers!

Yesterday morning before starting work I was watching my younger brother Nathan continue his winning streak in his professional boxing career out of Brisbane, Australia:

Literally keeping a close eye on events…

I get really nervous watching his fights and have no idea how he actually does it. The training he puts in is ridiculous. I remember going to a boxercise class a few years ago and just trying to properly hit the punchbag during one of the 60 second stations was unbelievably tough. I could barely move the thing with how feeble my punches were, as I was so out of breath. Any momentum in the bag itself would have been enough to knock me out – thankfully my punches didn’t actually generate any! Compare that 60 seconds to 3 minute rounds of real boxing with someone who can actually hit you back hard….. Fair play Nathan and congratulations on the win – I’m a very proud “big” brother!

In complete contrast to that training and dedication I spent a large proportion of my week eating family bags of the new Walkers Max double crunch KFC zinger flavour crisps. If you’ve not had them yet then my God you must go out and get some. I did manage at least some exercise to justify stuffing my face with crisps, Raashi and I walked up conic hill on Monday (smashing a bag at the top of-course) and it was great to get back to non contact 5-a-side football on Thursday night.

Not a lot of shops seem to have them so when you find them, stock up

Now that we’re able to do more treatments at work it’s been great to finish off treatment plans from pre covid that were delayed. One such job was with our patient Hannah who had Invisalign braces carried out. It was such a nice result, one that she was really happy with and all of our staff were delighted for her too. It’s such a good feeling when we know our patients are delighted at the end of a treatment plan, particularly when the treatment takes a few months and we get to know them so well. I’ll miss the banter with Hannah for now but look forward to seeing her again for check ups in the future (or maybe on our Christmas night out that she’s asked to come on šŸ˜†)

Speaking of Christmas nights out I’m excited that they will surely be allowed by then, although I’m not sure Shanghai Shuffle’s Karaoke night will be ready for my tone deaf vocals.

There’s only one thing I’m interested in tonight though, and thats catching bent coppers. For those of you that don’t know that’s ‘Line of Duty’ at 9pm on BBC1. If you truly want to be ‘suckin diesel’ you’ll need a bag of KFC zinger crisps to go with it.

Take care all,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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