Taps not quite aff yet…

Really enjoyed the sunshine yesterday afternoon, even if it wasn’t quite warm enough for ‘taps aff’ yet. In fact I actually spent a lot of time putting an extra tap back on when the sun went behind the clouds. Still nice though, especially now that we’re allowed other people in the back garden again too.

We had a wee play date for the kids but unfortunately our daughter Sienna (2) chipped her front tooth on her toy garden table after Raashi and I spent Friday afternoon fixing it as well:

Hoping our patients don’t come in next week and casually jump onto the worktop now😆🤦🏻‍♂️...

I actually had my own teeth fixed this week too, by our dentist Laura. My lowers were really crowded and overlapping so it was great to get my Invisalign treatment finished off on Thursday:

I’m all top teeth and gum when I smile but those lowers still always bothered me. She’s actually put some composite bonding on one of them too just to make them the same height, I’m not even sure which one it is to be honest and it’s my mouth and I’m a dentist! 🤷🏻‍♂️. Top class work Laura thank you!👌🏼

We’re also looking for another dentist at the moment as our waiting list is now at 6 months for new NHS patients so any dentists reading this and interested please give us a shout asap! sharon@tiwariwatsondentalcare.co.uk (practice manager)

Really looking forward to bent coppers tonight at 9pm on BBC1. I’ve got a horrible feeling one of the main characters is going to die or be ‘H’. (carefully worded so as not to spoil anything there incase there’s somehow anyone left on the planet who hasn’t seen ‘Line of Duty’.)

I absolutely love it – Mother of God, great show.

Take care all and have a good week, not long now until the pubs and restaurants open 🍻


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)


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