Topping it off

Really enjoyed being at a friends wedding in Ireland at the start of this week. I may have shed a wee tear on my own wedding day and I do get the occasional reminder about it from my friends so I was hoping to gain a partner on that front. I actually had a bet on with the groom but to my surprise and disappointment he held strong. He even gave me a wee grin/glance during the ceremony as if to say ‘that’s my bet up now.’

I see now in this photo how he must have managed it, the old ‘eyes closed at everything’ technique ...classic!

It’s been so nice lately weather wise so I’m glad they had a lovely day for their wedding. Glasgow has been abnormally great for these past few weeks too. Part of me is thinking ‘is this climate change?’ and the other part is just thinking ‘….taps aff 😎’

I have an english friend who mixed that phrase up recently. She went for ‘taps off‘. I had to explain to her the difference between ‘taps off’, ‘taps aff’ and ‘tops off’:

As you can see the tap is off, the tap is aff, and finally England had a good run but they couldn’t quite top it off.

With all the great weather we’re lucky we have air con in place in the waiting room and surgeries as it’s been absolutely essential lately. Especially with the extra PPE we’re all wearing at the moment. A lot of our anxious patients usually get a bit hot/clammy in the waiting room too so it’s a nice change for them to come in to the dentist to actually cool down instead!

We’ve got another few weeks of nice weather left apparently so im looking forward to making the most of it. Remember it’s taps oan in the waiting room please.

Take care all and have a good week,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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