Beckham for Sale!

This week my oldest daughter started school so it was exciting and emotional for us as parents to wave her off, thankfully she absolutely loved her first two days. She’s always been very clever so a PhD by the end of primary school wouldn’t surprise me but maybe I’m a little biased ☺️!

Football starting back this week was a great bonus too, my own team won 5-1 and are currently top of the league so in my opinion we should just ‘stop the count’ already.

When Raashi’s out and I have the kids myself I tend to call it ‘babysitting’ although she assures me that as they are my kids it’s actually called parenting. I may have bribed Sienna into watching the game with me with ice cream & chocolate while I was ‘parenting’ on Saturday! 🤗

My own ice cream and chocolate days might have to be scaled back though as I recently started getting back to exercise with a personal trainer – one of my patients actually (Matthew at Elation fitness). It’s been great so far and the gym facilities are brilliant. He took it easy on me for week 1 but week 2 was a different story, I’ve been walking around like John Wayne all week! Last night we had a Chinese takeaway but I’m sure Matthew will be glad to know that I followed the Kevin bridges diet advice and abstained from the ‘lid’ on my filled prawn crackers. All good for week 3 now 💪🏼

Our computers are getting upgraded at work tomorrow and Tuesday so unfortunately we can’t make any new appointments on those days unless it’s an emergency. Thank you to all of our patients in advance for your patience on that front! We’re upgrading our 3D cone beam scanner later this year too so if any dentists are reading this and want a very good value second hand one please get in touch! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact a few friends have said to me ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it.’ This is a fair point but the issues is I like to think of myself as an Alex Ferguson type manager, never afraid to ship some big players out at the right time to invest in the squad with some younger up and coming prospects. 😜

In summary, an excellent 3D cone beam scanner is available to a new dental practice in this transfer window for the new season starting. It’s a very experienced player and has been integral as part of a trophy winning team for many years. Available at a smashing price with arguably its prime years still ahead. Will do really well in another league (practice) for many years to come. A bit like Beckham when he went to Madrid. ☺️

Have a good week all,


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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