Whirlwind few weeks…

I’ve had a few weeks off writing my blog as we moved house and are temporarily living with Raashi’s parents. As you can imagine it’s been a whirlwind few weeks for us getting everything packed up. For some reason the same weekend we were moving house we decided to book a trip to Belfast too. It was great fun and a chance to see everyone before Xmas. The grinch even made an appearance at our family party, I’m not even talking about any of my Uncles who look like him either, it was the real grinch – such a good laugh.

Santa taking a back seat as the grinch steals Christmas (but not Mila’s teddy!)

It was a double header for Raashi and I as we went out to meet friends (Naomi & Conor) the next night too. My movember moustache was still on it’s last legs at this point and it came in handy for the karaoke show at the end of the night. 🕺🏻

On the other hand the flight back with all the bags and 3 crying kids was not a good laugh. Picture me, hungover, sweating profusely under a coat and 2 heavy jumpers that I had no room to pack (we stubbornly refused to pay for the hold bags – what a mistake that was), kids fighting over the window seat and Peppa pig on our phones, Ronan repeatedly throwing his milk down the aisle. Some passengers did offer to help by taking a bag, my advice was to save themselves by taking the next flight. Next time I think we’ll take the boat and make use of the soft play, and in hindsight maybe move house on a different weekend!

After all the rush we’re settled at Raashi’s parents now though. The kids seem to be loving it. They think it’s one big sleepover party. Raashi’s mum has been making us dinner and ironing our scrubs too – part of me is having second thoughts about moving out.

Ronan not too happy that he’s clicked Peppa off the phone here

It’s been handy having the in house babysitters too, last week I managed to get out for an afternoon 10k charity run. One of our patients Matthew runs Elation Fitness and they were doing 100k in 12 hours last Saturday for mens mental health. It was a ridiculous challenge so Tiegan and I decided we would do our bit to support them on behalf of TWDC and put in 10k. We also donated our community fund this month (£150) to their cause, last time I checked they were over £7k! I’m still baffled at how they completed it. Fair play to all involved and well done on raising so much!

We had a Chinese last night for dinner and I think it’s ok to have leftovers for breakfast after my 10k last week 😏. I reckon i’ll be ‘dining out’ on that one for a while…

Take care all and stay safe and well..


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