Definitely maybe probably not a party.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write a blog post as we’ve been so busy lately with moving house, Christmas/New Year, and just watching TV in bed. Last night that was Season 4 of Ozark – if you haven’t started it yet – get on it! It’s my favourite show since Breaking Bad, and so far there’s been no ‘fly on the wall’ episode either so it may be even better!

This week I ‘celebrated’ my 34th birthday too actually. Sadly I didn’t have a party as I was on a training course for 2 days in Coventry. Well, I didn’t go to a party because it wasn’t a party, but even if there was one nobody told me it was a party but there was alcohol involved at night, but it wasn’t a party, as it was definitely work related and I was only there for the 25 minutes but then I stayed for the (not an) after party. Funnily enough there was a lady called Sue there. I don’t think anybody sang happy birthday but it’s a Gray area so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Sue says about it.

It was a shame to be away from the kids for it but they face-timed me and made the most of my chocolate cake in my absence. The course itself was probably the best one I’ve been on since my graduation in fairness. It was to do with bone grafting and sinus lift procedures in relation to dental implants. I thoroughly enjoyed it and let’s be honest, who cares about the 34th anyway! I reckon anything in between 30 and 40 is the ‘meh’ emoji > 😒. My next big one is the 40th – I’ll not be booking any courses during that as there definitely will be a party then – BYOB.

Thankfully not all my trips to England are alone as over the last few weeks Raashi and I managed to get to Newcastle together to see a football game which was nice:

Raashi is originally from Newcastle but I think I’ve managed to convert her to be a red now. Although we were literally up in cloud 9 with the seats, it wasn’t to be the same with the result as sadly it was Newcastle 1 Manchester United 1, and we were lucky to come away with a point to be honest. It was still a nice day away though – with all the restrictions we’ve been used to over the last couple of years it’s nice to have things in the diary to get excited about. I’m looking forward to our next ‘away day’ which is in Belfast at my parents in a few weeks time.

At work we have a new therapist starting this week, her name is Saima and she will be helping to bring our appointment waiting times down as much as possible. I’m sorry our patients are having to wait so long at the moment but we are getting there and hopefully with Saima now starting we will see a big difference!

Take care all and enjoy the rest of your weekend..


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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