Big changes..

It’s been a busy few weeks at Tiwari Watson Dental Care! Our patients will have noticed we’re allowed more people in the waiting room as we can see more patients now compared to earlier on in the pandemic. Our waiting times are unfortunately still quite long so I’m working on plans to extend if possible, bring in some more staff and bring those waiting times down! I’d also love to have enough space to re-install a shower in the building so that I can cycle to work. When we first moved over to our new premises we had to sacrifice the shower to make way for a bigger staff room. My cycle dreams were therefore over before they started as who would want a smelly dentist treating them 🤢😷

I need a new form of exercise now that my football career is over (1. dislocated my knee, 2. too old, 3. terrible footballer) so I’m thinking cycling could be the answer. At the minute it’s golf but I don’t think that’s enough cardio wise, and anyway I’d undo all my hard work at the 19th hole 🍻. I think I’m also in with a shout of being the worst golfer in Scotland (starting to realise I’m not actually great at sport in general) but I guess that means more steps/exercise trying to find my ball after every shot 🤷🏻‍♂️

Running about after the kids seems to be the best exercise I have at the moment. I had a dad my age in at work this week doing the same with his young daughter too. It was actually his daughters appointment and when I asked “is it just a check up today?” he panicked and said ’God I don’t know I was just told to bring her here at this time.’ It really made me laugh as I absolutely sympathised with the situation. Us guys are frequently told what to do re: after-school clubs, sports, parties, appointments etc. It might not be the best exercise but I think my fellow dad had a sweat on for a wee second at least 😆

Raashi and I had a wee break from running about after the kids last month when we went to old Trafford to see Manchester United. I emailed the club to see if we could swap seats because of my knee and they put us in a box for FREE! 😂:

The player in the background here also gets called Raashi but these days I’m honestly convinced my wife is the better footballer. After the result/performance I think I can see now why it was free! 🤦🏻‍♂️ . Looking forward to some big changes at Old Trafford..

Speaking of big changes some of our patients will have seen on our website & social media that we can now make dentures/retainers/crowns/veneers/whitening trays straight from intra-oral scans, meaning no more messy old school moulds/impressions of your teeth. Check out our nurse Tiegan doing a scan for one of our patients and the accuracy of the final result:

If Manchester United are the equivalent of taking slow, messy impressions, the scanner is so much quicker and better – a bit like Manchester City or Liverpool. Pains me to say that but its true!

Have a good week all and take care!


Joseph Watson BDS MFDS RCPS MSc (Implantology)

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